Silent Bat Burglar Costume
Silent Bat Burglar Costume
Used in Episode 7
Chapter 4
Yellow Illusion Umbrella Costume
Pink Thunder Cat Costume

The Silent Bat Burglar Costume is worn by Sakura when capturing The Silent. The outfit was made by Tomoyo with the image of having to be discrete and quiet. Bat Burglar Costume Settei

Design Description

A viridian long-sleeve crop top with blue diamonds lining along the hem, as well as a pair of black bat wings extending from behind of the top. Worn with the top is a matching high-shorts of viridian color, as well as a pair of viridian thigh high boots with blue diamonds lining the side. Accessories include a pair of black, finger-less gloves with a blue diamond on top, as well as a viridian beret with a blue diamond on the side as well.



  • This costume, as well as three other outfits, have made a brief appearance in the form of a sketch in Episode 2 of the Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc.


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