Song Dress Costume
Song Dress Costume
Used in Episode 23
Puffy Pink Fight Costume
Little Alice Costume
The Song Dress Costume was worn by Sakura when capturing The Song. It was made by Tomoyo, matching with the theme of the captured card.

Song Costume Settei

Design Description

A long-sleeved pink dress that has a quarter note printed at the chest, along with a v-opening at the front of the frilled skirt. A lavender underskirt with a scallop border, a cream-colored cape as well as a pair of pink Mary Janes are worn with the outfit. Accessories include a cream-colored pair of gloves with a cuff, as well as a pink beret with a quarter note printed on the left side.



  • This costume, as well as three other outfits, have made a brief appearance in the form of a sketch in Episode 2 of the Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc.


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