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First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 12
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 9

Spiral (Kanji: 螺旋, Katakana: スパイラル, Romanji: Supairaru) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Spiral in its card form appears to resemble an endless spiralling array of blue tablets with black circles between each segment. In the anime, it took the form of a giant blue double-stranded spring with a circle pattern.

Magic and Abilities

Imprison Inducement: Spiral can create an array of tablets that towers around the target, trapping them in an endless spiral. It also takes the form of a giant spring vortex that is capable of separating into simple strands and then assembling into a helix to compress its target in a net.

Vortex formation: In its spring form, it is capable of creating a tornado while on air and generating whirlpools or waves underwater to entrap its target.




  • The kanji at the top of the card: 螺旋 (Pronounced Rasen) means 'spiral, helix or screw' in Japanese.