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Spring Casual Outfit
Used in: Episode 10
Chapter 13
Color(s): Blue
Date Outfit with Syaoran
Matching Apron

Spring Casual outfit is a casual outfit worn by Sakura Kinomoto. It was seen in the tenth episode.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 10

Design Description[]

"Sakura's personal outfit that appeared in Episode 10. The boyish culotte skirt has frill linings to add a touch of girliness to it. The three-quarter length shirt is wonderful too♪"
Official Description
An aqua green blouse-style shirt with its sleeves at three-quarter length. it has a white collar that extends down to the chest, the sleeve opening also lined with white. A red ribbon ties around the collar. Beneath the long collar down front, the back of the collar and above the sleeve openings is a starburst design. A pale pink culotte (in this case, a split skirt) with a frill lining is worn with the skirt, and it also comes with a brown belt with gold clasps. Thigh-high white stockings are worn with this ensemble, as well as a pair of grey loafers when outing. When inside the house, Sakura wears her cream-colored slippers instead. When cooking, Sakura wears an apron over the outfit. The cream-colored apron has two pockets in the front, the straps going around the neck, and the apron tying around the back of the waist.