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Starry Yellow Dress
Starry Dress
Used in: Episode 7
Chapter 10
Card Captured: Flight
Motif: Stars
Color(s): White
Pastel Lotus Costume
Marine Jester Dress Costume

The Starry Yellow Dress is designed by Tomoyo Daidouji for Sakura Kinomoto to wear. She used it when she visited Tomoyo's house in the seventh episode.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 07

Design Description[]

"The battle costume that appeared in Episode 7. The hagoromo (lit. feather-dress) on her back is just like a butterfly. The whole outfit radiates the brilliance of the yellow stars♪ Don't forget to check out Kero-chan's battle costume!"
Official Description
A cream colored dress with puffed up upper sleeves that has a wide opening. Two layers of lace go underneath the sleeve opening and the skirt to create volume. In the middle of the dress's white collar is a gathered pink fabric. Yellow stars line along the collar and the middle of the chest, connecting to the yellow lines that run down the front and back of the skirt, as well as the bottom half of the sleeves, each line connecting to a five-point or six-point star. White stockings are worn with the dress, with yellow lines that have four six-point stars along it decorating the sides of the stockings. A pair of cream colored slip-ons that has a yellow base and has a cluster of yellow stars on the toe is worn with the ensemble. Accessories include a star cluster crown that goes along the backside of the head.