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Kanji: 揺動
Katakana: スウィング
Romaji: Yōdō
Symbolism: Crystal Dragon
Counterpart: The Earthy
First Appearance (Manga): N/A
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 16

Swing (Kanji: 揺動, Katakana: スウィング, Romaji: Yōdō) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards. It's an anime-exclusive card.


Swing takes the form of a giant, four-winged, ash-brown dragon. It has a horn on its forehead along with feather-like appendages near its small, white, pupil-less eyes. The inside of its mouth is red and toothless like that of a bird's beak.


Swing appears when Sakura, Meilin and Akiho go to visit Tomoyo's house. There they decide to see the play that Sakura and Syaoran starred in (and that was interrupted by the powers of The Nothing). This probably triggers the creation of the card, since Tomoyo comments how the play was in turn interrupted by an earthquake.[1]

While they were watching, the earthquakes started. In order to search for and capture the card without raising suspicion, she decided to use the Snooze card to put Akiho, Sonomi, and her employees to sleep. Afterward, she left the house using the Flight card, and searched for the source of the card's power. When she found it, she used the Siege card to keep it from leaving the garden of the house. Then, Swing turned around and, as it was heading to Tomoyo's house, it came out of the ground, a moment that Sakura took advantage of to secure it.[1]

Magical Abilities[]

Quake Magic: It has the ability to travel underground and create cracks and fissures. It is also able to generate shattering vibrations from its roars.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 揺動 (Pronounced you dou) means 'titubation, shaking or swinging' in Japanese.
  • Aside Shade card, Swing also has appearance like a dragon, the whole body is covered with crystal.


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