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Syaoran's Battle Costume
Syaoran's Battle costume
Used in: Episode 7 (Debut)
Chapter 7 (Debut)
Card Captured: The Time
The Storm
The Twin
Color(s): Green
Syaoran's Princess Costume

Syaoran's Battle Costume is the official ceremonial clothes passed down through the Li clan. Syaoran always wears this outfit whilst capturing the Clow cards or helping Sakura with card related events. Unlike Sakura's outfits, Syaoran's costume is ceremonial and he wears it throughout the series.


Design Description[]

There are three parts to his outfit, which are his hat, the overgarment and the white bodysuit. The whole outfit mainly consists of three colours, which are green, yellow and orange. Syaoran only wears this outfit whilst capturing a Clow card or helping Sakura transform all of the Clow cards into Sakura cards.

The over garment is green with orange rims on the outfit. The sleeves of the over garment are extremely long and often trail on the floor. Each of the sleeves have a yellow rim and both of them have a small bell attached to the end. The back of the over garment has one thin central tail with a bell attached to the end of it. At the front of the over garment is a wide tail, which is designed to not get in the way when Syaoran is moving about. At the bottom of the tail, there is a small Ying yang symbol in what seems to be a yellow sun circle. Emblazoned on the front of the over garment is a black symbol with three dots and at the back there is a symbol of a crescent moon. In order to keep the whole outfit from falling apart an orange waistband is used to secure the costume together. The waistband covers some of the symbol on the front of the outfit.

The white under garment has very long sleeves and is used to keep Syaoran warm as well as making it easy for him to move around in the outfit. As for the shoes, Syaoran wears pearl green shoes. To finish off the costume, Syaoran wears a pearl green hat with orange rims, which fits perfectly on the back of his head. On the left and right side of the hat, there are two black jewels is onyx, which are surrounded by yellow rims. A black sword sheath is attached to the back of the costume in order to store Syaoran's sword.