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Syaoran's Ceremonial Costume
Ceremonial Costume
Used in: Episode 9
Chapter 18
Color(s): Green
Syaoran's Final Battle Costume

The Ceremonial Costume is a costume worn by Syaoran Li. The costume was created by Tomoyo Daidouji and was seen in Episode 9.

Clear Card Costume Concept Art Ep 09 2

Design Description[]

"Syaoran's ceremonial costume that appeared in Episode 9. A smart costume that displays the taste of youth. The tips on the left and right of the coat's tail have large bells attached to it, becoming an accent during movement."
Official Description
A Chinese-style, black, long-sleeve top with orange lining is worn underneath a Chinese-style, leaf green coat with orange lining as well. the coat cuts off at the waist, and the back extends to two long tails that ends wit large bells. Near the top of the opening of tails' back are two black tassels as decorations. The front of the jacket is printed with a moon design with negative space, lined in orange as well. A pair of baggy, leaf green pants with a black and white design, lined with orange, is worn with this ensemble, along with leaf green colored Chinese slip-ons. Accessories include a hat with a wide angle, with a matching black and white pattern to that of the pants on the hat's front, along with two tassels on the corners of the hat.



  • Syaoran's Ceremonial Costume is based on Syaoran's Battle Costume is ceremonial and passed down through the Li clan from according to manga chapter 18 Tomoyo made this costume for Syaoran because he didn't bring his ceremonial outfit for there aren't any supernatural activities and capturing escaped clow cards from the beginning of the series after he arrived Japan from Hong Kong.