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Syaoran's Sword
Syaoran's Sword
Japanese: 小狼の剣
Romaji: Syaoran no Ken
User(s): Syaoran Li
Used with: Ofuda

Clow Cards

Syaoran Li wields a Jian, a Chinese longsword, which has been passed from generation to generation within the Li family, to those who are born with great magical abilities. CCS AW SP PG345


Syaoran uses his sword to focus and perform magic. He uses it for both his ofuda and the Clow Cards.

When not in use (and needing to be able to take it to places where such weapons are not supposed to be taken), Syaoran keeps it sealed in a standby form of a Jade hanging charm (which resembles the tassel that hangs from the sword's handle), much like how Sakura's Sealing Wand is in the form of a small key most of the time when not in use.

In the sequel anime, Syaoran makes use of the sword again, but due to a greater boost in his levels of western magical power, Syaoran is able to summon it anywhere using a high-level spell which Kero is surprised that he can use. The incantation consists of bringing both palms together and concentrating the magic power to make the sword appear so a camouflaged form is no longer necessary.

Syaoran channels its vast power through the sword to invoke various forms and aspects of the respective element: