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Kanji: 呼応
Katakana: シンクロナイズ
Romaji: Ko-ō
Resemblance: Chiharu and Takashi
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 62

Synchronize (Kanji: 呼応, Katakana: シンクロナイズ, Romaji: Ko-ō) is one of the Clear Cards which Sakura secured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


The card shows a boy and a girl in elegant clothes looking to opposite sides, both holding the same crystal. There is various circles around them symbolizing their resonance.

Their appearances resemble those of Chiharu Mihara and Takashi Yamazaki.


In Chapter 62, when Sakura and Akiho were practicing the Two Alices play, they start having a conversation about their likes and dislikes, including Syaoran and Kaito. After this, Sakura realizes that she and Akiho look a lot alike and that they are "in sync", but suddenly Sakura has a dream with the hooded figure and hears a voice saying: "You can't go back anymore".

When Sakura wakes up, she finds Akiho, who had fainted, and a bright light appears in front of her, so Sakura secures it into a card.

In Chapter 65, Synchronize appears along with Appear, Action and True or False in the world of Alice in Clockland, while offering Sakura some tea. When Sakura asks if there is a Queen in this world, they tell her that there is, and that she was the Red Queen.

Later, True or False and Synchronize explain to Sakura that this world mixes someone's dreams, and when they are drawn to her wishes they become more powerful. Before disappearing, they tell Sakura that you have to discern one thing from the other, move forward, and choose.

Magical Abilities[]


  • Synchronize is the first Clear Card with two identities instead of one, which is a direct reference to the The Twin Card.