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Takashi Yamazaki
山崎 貴史
Series Cardcaptor Sakura
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
Birthday June 1 (Gemini)
Age 10~12 (Original series)
13~14 (Clear Card Arc)
Relatives Unnamed parents
Affiliates Chiharu (girlfriend)
Residence Tomoeda, Japan
Favorite flower Spider Lily
Likes Mathematics, computer

dark blue color, fish
suama, rice ball
Fabricating stories and histories

Dislikes Custard pudding
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Blood Type AB
First Appearance (Manga)
Chapter 10
Last Appearance (Manga)
First Appearance (Anime)
Episode 9: Sakura and the Mysterious Brooch
Last Appearance (Anime)
Issei Miyazaki
Andrew Francis (Cardcaptors)

Trevor Devall (1st Movie)
Joshua Seth (2nd movie)
Alejandro Saab (Clear Card)

Takashi Yamazaki (山崎 貴史 Yamazaki Takashi), better known by his surname, is a supporting character in CLAMP's anime and manga series Cardcaptor Sakura. Yamazaki is one of Sakura Kinomoto's classmates in school. He was the only named male classmate in the series before the arrival of Syaoran Li and Eriol Hiiragizawa (Eli Moon).


Takashi is almost always referred to by his surname, Yamazaki, as he is addressed as such by every character in the series, except Chiharu Mihara. This is an example of common courtesy in Japanese culture, where individuals are addressed by their surname, until close familiarity allows the use of their given name.


Yamazaki has short black hair and usually keeps his eyes closed to the point that in the manga, Chiharu sometimes calls him "lines-for-eyes." When they are open, they are seen to be dark brown.


Yamazaki's defining trait in the series is his ability to fabricate highly detailed stories and histories about practically any subject. His inspiration is usually what he sees in front of him or the topic of the current conversation. Sakura and Syaoran seem to fall for these stories just about every time.

The series (especially the anime) uses Yamazaki's stories as a primary element of humor during school scenes. When he speaks, everyone listens, and the background music changes appropriately. He has covered many subjects with his lies, including but not limited to: sloths, skiing, beach volleyball, calendars, and swimming competitions.

Yamazaki's stories do not last very long, as he is usually very promptly interrupted by classmate Chiharu Mihara. Chiharu is one of the very few classmates who never gets fooled by Yamazaki's stories, and she disciplines his misleading of other students (especially Sakura and Syaoran) often by strangling his neck until he stops talking. Oddly, she is sometimes still unsuccessful and then resorts to dragging him away (by the collar).

Yamazaki gains a storytelling ally in Eriol when he joins the class in the second arc of the series. He and Eriol respond to each other's cues perfectly and can together enforce the false validity of their story by both appearing to have detailed knowledge of the subject. Here, Eriol's presence sometimes prevents Chiharu from effectively intervening and saving her classmates from a long-winded lie.

Another notable trait of Yamazaki is that he never opens his eyes (save for three occasions [1]). This trait is identified by Meiling Li in the third episode of Tomoyo's video diary specials when Yamazaki mysteriously has his eyes opened on an occasion. Meiling's hypothesis is that Yamazaki's eyes are open only when he is telling the truth. This turns out later not to be the case, and that he was only opening his eyes because Chiharu was constantly stomping his foot.

While generally viewed as lighthearted and energetic, Yamazaki can also be sensitive and serious. In the final volume of the manga, when Sakura was down in regard to her feelings toward Syaoran, he leaves the scene in order for Chiharu to talk to Sakura about the depth of her relationship with Yamazaki. Chiharu adds that he understands that Sakura needs her guidance and counseling, which is why he left so they could talk rather than stay to tell stories. Also, in the third season of the anime, he tries to save Rika from drowning in waves caused by Eriol.


Chiharu Mihara[]


Yamazaki and Chiaru from the manga.

The manga shows that Yamazaki and Chiharu are actually a couple or in some sort of puppy-love mutual relationship. Often, Chiharu will be seen giving chocolates to him, baking for him, or bringing him lunch. They also go on dates and hold hands.

Once, when Chiharu makes a teddy bear and gives it to Yamazaki, she expects that he will name it after her (following a fictional tradition where, if the recipient of a handmade teddy bear names it after the donor, the couple will be together forever). He playfully gives it a different name instead ("Suama", after his favorite snack), which prompts another throttling, but it is understood that he is only kidding.

In the anime, Yamazaki and Chiharu are never explicitly stated to be a couple, but a close relationship between them is still evident. In Episode 17, Tomoyo mentions that they have known each other since kindergarten. She then comments pointedly that it is a lovely thing to be together for such a long time. Yamazaki and Chiharu also appear frequently together outside of school. In Episode 18, they attend the festival together, and she commands him to win her a prize. She often offers to make him food in exchange for a favor or another, upon which he will jokingly say that he will pray for his health as to not get sick from her food. This is followed by Chiharu's signature throttling of Yamazaki, during which he always laughs or smiles.

The best evidence of their relationship in the anime is in Episode 46, when Sakura is transported into a world where everyone forgets their feelings for the person they love most. Sakura witnesses a very polite and distant conversation between Yamazaki and Chiharu, during which he addresses her as "Mihara-san". When Sakura asks Chiharu if he has always addressed her as such, Chiharu answers yes, adding, "After all, it's not as if we know each other very well." This complete change in relationship confirms that Yamazaki and Chiharu do love each other very much in the old world.

Takashi in Tsubasa[]

Yamazaki makes an appearance in another of Clamp's manga series, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, in Piffle Country as an announcer. In Piffle Country, he retains his general attitude and constant lying.


In Cardcaptors, to justify the random acts of throttling as mere sibling rivalry, Chelsea is written to be Zachary's cousin.


  • His given name Takashi (貴史) consists of an honorific for deities (貴) and "court historian" (史). The latter kanji could lend some irony to his constant lying.
  • His surname Yamazaki (山崎) consists of "mountain" (山) and "peak" (崎).
  • As a whole, Yamazaki is named after film director Takashi Yamazaki, who is a good friend of CLAMP's.


  • In the manga and anime, it is revealed that Yamazaki is better at cooking and knitting than Chiharu.
  • In the video diaries, it is shown that whenever Chiharu steps on his foot, he opens his eyes briefly, something which when pointed out by Chiharu, he told her that it was a reflex.
  • Sakura and Syaoran (and Akiho Shinomoto from Clear Card) are the few notable characters who believe Yamazaki’s "lies".
  • His father is mentioned in Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card manga chapter 42.
  • While Meiling plays the witch during the school play in the Cardcaptor Sakura (anime), in the manga, it was originally Yamazaki who played that role; so well to the point that Chiharu even commented that she had known him all her life and had never seen him like that before.
  • In Episode 64 of the original series, Naoko mentions that Yamazaki had been teaching her how to ski, indicating that he himself knows how to ski.


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