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This is the "Album Info" template. It should be used in the following format:

{{Album Info
| collapse    = 
| title       = 
| link        = 
| img         = 
| content     = 
  • title is the text that will be displayed for the link.
  • link is optional. If specified, it should be the name of the page on the wiki (don't use the brackets to make an actual link). If left blank or not specified, the title is used instead.
  • img should be the name of an image representing the page.
  • content is whatever is going to be in the collapsed section. It can be left blank if there isn't going to be any content there.
    For albums, this should be a list of tracks on the album, preferably linked to song pages where possible. This can usually be copied from the album page.
  • collapse is used for the content collapsing feature.
    • Entering mw-collapsible mw-collapsed = Starts collapsed when page is first opened
    • Entering mw-collapsible = Starts open when page is first opened