The Cloud



The Cloud
Sign Moon
Hiegherarchy The Watery
Magic Type Eastern Magic
Episode 39
Episode 69

The Cloud (Kanji: 雲, Katakana: クラウド, Romanji: Kuraudo) creates thick clouds all over the sky which it can move however it pleases. Like Rain, it has a gentle and playful personality and is more mischievous than combative. It was captured in Episode 39, Syaoran defeating it by using his fire element summon. The Cloud is under Watery.


Cloud is a small, childlike figure with pointed ears, wearing a poofy, doublet-like outfit with harlequin-pattern leggings and pointed boots. Its hair is poofy and cloud-like, with straight bangs on either side of its face ending in cloud puffs. It has a blue, cloud-shaped gem on its forehead, and in Card form, holds a puff of clouds in its hands. It is probably female.


Cloud is transformed in Episode 69 when Sakura transforms the last remaining Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. In the English dub, Cloud is transformed in Episode 53 (in place of what was originally The Libra in the Japanese version).



  • On the Sakura Card form, the Cloud's main body includes feet, which are hidden by clouds in its Clow Card form.
  • The Cloud appears in the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga, being part of Suzuran's troupé in Shara country.
  • The kanji at the top of the card: 雲, (Pronounced 'kumo') is Japanese for 'cloud'.
  • The kanji is also the same symbol for 'cloud' in Chinese (Pronounced 'Yún').


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