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The Dark
Katakana ダーク
Sign Moon
Hierarchy N/A
Magic Type Eastern Magic
Temperament Docile
Important Events
Episode 42
Chapter 21
Episode 69
Chapter 44

The Dark is a Clow Card with the power to control darkness. Alongside The Light, it is one of the foremost of the Clow Cards.

It is also part of the original nineteen cards from the manga series.


CCS EP42 - The Light and The Dark Reunite

The main bodies of The Light and The Dark.

Dark is regally dressed with long, straight, black hair. She wears a spiked crown and has five gems spread across her neckline.

As a Sakura Card in the manga, Dark receives a star on her crown, her sleeves, and in place of the central gem on her chest. More of her skin is also covered and she has spiked rims on her sleeves and a long spiked outer skirt.

In the Clear Card Arc, while under Syaoran's command, her outer skirt and the stars on her sleeves disappear; the star on her crown is replaced by a crescent moon; the central gem on her neckline is returned with another crescent moon placed above it.


Dark is serene and gentle, similar to Light. She may seem somewhat inquisitive as she needed to be sure of Sakura's place as candidate. Dark is very close with her sister, Light; everything that is done involving them (sealing, transformation etc.) must be done with both of them together.

Magic and Abilities[]

Dark/Shadow Magic: The Dark's primary magic is to be able to warp space, creating dark void that can isolate and nullify non-magical beings if given enough time. She also appears to manipulate time to an extent as she is able to bring forth the night.

Special Sealing and Activation Properties: The Dark is special in that it cannot be physically attacked. She is also always together with Light, so they must always be sealed together, used together and transformed together.

Fortune Telling: All Clow Cards have the ability to help their user predict the future. Their method of fortune-telling is similar to that of tarot cards. The interpretation of the message the Clow Cards relay depends on the magical power of the user.


Clow Cards arc[]

The Dark interrupted Sakura and Syaoran's play in Episode 42 (volume 5 in the manga) when they were about to kiss, engulfing everyone except Sakura and Cerberus in darkness. As a special card, it can only be sealed after two things have happened. First, Sakura had to realize which card it was. Second, she must then find a way to break the darkness. Sakura was able to defeat the Dark by releasing the Light Card which had been awakened all along within Sakura's soul. It was all revealed to be a test and the two cards requested to be sealed together. It is explained that Light and Dark are always together, and thus are sealed together.[1]

Sakura Cards arc[]

The Dark and The Light are the last cards to be transformed into a Sakura Card. Dark is transformed in Episode 69 in the anime and in Volume 11 in the manga; Sakura transforms it with Light's, Syaoran's, Yue's and Cerberus' help to end Eriol's spell upon Tomoeda.[2] Also in the manga, Sakura used The Dark to re-darken the sky to night after breaking Eriol's dark spell.

Clear Cards arc[]

Dark, like the other Sakura Cards, turned "clear" (blank) and are rendered powerless.

It is later revealed that the Cards were with Syaoran in order to protect Sakura magical powers had grown enormously and that this could be detrimental to her. With the collaboration of the cards, who also wish to protect Sakura, Syaoran is able to rewrite the contract of the cards, replacing Sakura’s name on them with his name and allowing him to utilize their powers, which essentially makes him the new master of the cards.

When the Cards pass under Syaoran's possession, they receive his Moon powers and appeared the Crescent Moon symbol in their forms. The cards moved by their love for Sakura and their desire to protect her. Left with Syaoran through a spell arranged by his mother to prevent Sakura's powers from growing further while creating the Clear Cards; but doing so is extremely exhausting for him and takes longer than desired. However, when the world is rewritten by a taboo magic, the cards return to Sakura's possession as if they had never left.

Light and Dark appear along with the other Cards at Syaoran's house explaining to Cerberus and Yue the reasons for their departure. Later they all appear in front of Sakura to explain that they wanted to help Syaoran protect her.

During a confrontation with Yuna D. Kaito, Syaoran used Light and Dark to protect Sakura. However, the events are reversed by Kaito's time magic.


Due to her dependence on Yue, Dark is governed, like him, by Eastern magic and the Moon, as are the group of card she commands:



  • Dark is voiced by Rei Sakuma, who also voiced The Light card.
  • The Dark is one of the few Clow Cards that have demonstrated human speech, (the others are the Light, Mirror and Nothing/Hope).
  • Dark's design parallels and contrasts Light's in several ways:
    • They both wear spiked crowns, but with different designs.
    • They both have lengthy hair, but Light's is curled, while Dark's is perfectly straight.
    • Both wear similar dresses and have their chests decorated, but Light has a single sun and Dark is adorned with five elongated-hexagonal gems.
  • The kanji at the top of the card: 闇, (Pronounced 'Yami') means 'darkness' in Japanese.


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