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The Earthy

The Earthy
Sign Sun
Magic Type Western Magic
Sakura and the Final Clow Card
Chapter 24
Not Shown
Chapter 36

The Earthy (Kanji: 地, Katakana: アーシー, Romanji: Āshī) is a Clow Card with the power to control and manipulate earth. It is one of the four elemental cards, and as such it is one of the most powerful. Earthy falls under the power of the Sun, Cerberus and under Western Magic.

It is also one of the original nineteen cards from the manga series.


Initially, Earthy appeared as a large serpent made of earth. Upon being captured, her true form was revealed.

She bears the appearance of an elegant, stately lady; her human form appears to be rather tall, towering over the forms of some of the other cards. in a flowing dress with draping sleeves, and a bodice that appears to be made of a rock-like material; she has a collar made of crystals, as well as clusters of them adorning her chest, forehead, and ears. Her hair is curled upward and divided in opposite directions with two crystals dangling from each end.

As a Sakura Card in the manga, Earthy receives a star on her chest with six gems adorning her neckline.

In the Clear Card Arc, under Syaoran's command, the original cluster of crystals above her chest return, while crescent moons are added to the crystals dangling from her hair


Earthy's personality is not well-known. While she did act violently, causing earthquakes and tremors prior to her capture, she is implied to have a gentler disposition, as opposed to her more violent counterpart Firey.

Magic and Abilities

Earth Magic: Earthy is able to freely control and manipulate the element of earth and its various aspects; such as soil, rock, and stone. As such, she is capable of considerable destruction by creating earthquakes. fissures, landslides, and various other geological disturbances.

Geomancy: All Clow Cards have the ability to help their user predict the future. Their method of fortune-telling is similar to that of tarot cards. The interpretation of the message the Clow Cards relay depends on the magical power of the user.

Role in the Animated Series

Clow Cards Arc

Wood entangles Earthy, resulting in its capture

The Earthy reveals itself when it begins causing geological chaos during a festival, creating numerous ground fissures and earthquakes. After putting the townspeople to sleep, Sakura captures it using Wood. This capture finally allows Cerberus to regain his true form.[1]

In the manga, volume 6, after capture The Firey, The Earthy reveals herself causing geological chaos. Sakura didn't use The Sleep. In the manga, Kerberos helped Sakura, and she used The Wood to capture the new card. When she wrote her name, Yue appears.

Sakura Cards arc

Earthy's transformation is not shown in the anime, although Sakura's off-screen restoring a hole made by Eriol in Episode 52 is likely to have been done by Earthy. In Volume 9 (Chapter 36) of the manga, Sakura is shown to use Earthy in this scene.

Clear Cards arc 

Earthy, like the other Sakura Cards, turned "clear" (blank) and are rendered powerless.

It is later revealed that the Cards were with Syaoran, who knew that Sakura's magical powers had grown enormously and that this could be detrimental to her. The Cards, moved by their love for Sakura and their desire to protect her, left with Syaoran through a spell arranged by his mother to prevent Sakura's powers from growing further while creating the Clear Cards.


Season Two

Season Three

Clear Card Arc


Due to her dependence on Cerberus, she is governed, like him, by Western Magic and the Sun, as are the group of cards she commands:



  • A crystal on Earthy's forehead is plain white as a Clow Card. As a Sakura card, the crystal is colored green.
  • Earthy design parallels Windy in several ways
    • Both Cards resemble adult, humanoid women.
    • Both have elegant designs and thin figures.
    • Both have tall hairstyles with certain portions heading in opposite directions.
  • Like Watery, Earthy appeared in a serpentine, dragon form made from its representative element.
  • Earthy is the only elemental Clow Card that does not seem to resemble a preexisting mythical creature: Windy is a Fairy, Watery is a mermaid, and Firey is an angel.
  • Earthy's capture was connected to the Chinese elemental structure, where each of the five elements either supplement or defeat another. In this case, wood powers over earth.
  • The kanji at the top of the card: 地, (Pronounced 'Ji') can mean 'ground', 'earth', 'land' and 'soil' in Japanese.


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