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The Mirror
Katakana ミラー
Sign Sun
Hierarchy The Earthy
Magic Type Western Magic
Temperament Docile
Important Events
Episode 25
Chapter 12
Sometime before episode 61
Chapter 33

"Thank you for doing your best to turn us into new Cards. We all love you very much, So if there's anything any of us can do, please call us whenever you need us."
―Mirror to Sakura Kinomoto[1]

The Mirror is a Clow Card with the power to imitate a person's appearance. It is aligned under The Earthy.

It is also one of the original nineteen cards from the manga series.


Mirror appears as a young girl with a circular mirror in hand, her hair is parted with two tails tied in front. A smaller mirror rests on her forehead (this is replaced by a diamond-like symbol in the anime). The Mirror wears a lengthy, Chinese style dress which usually obscures her feet, underneath she wears a pair of baggy pants and thin slippers. The Mirror appears to possess "wings" which are shards of glass protruding from her back.

As a Sakura Card in the manga, a design is added to her collar, her tails are clasped by stars and her mirror is decorated with a winged star. In the Anime, her card wears green ribbons that she received from Touya.

In the Clear Card Arc, under Syaoran's command, the star clasps on her hair are replaced by crescent moons.


At first, Mirror appears to be a mischievous, and even cruel card, assuming Sakura's form and causing trouble all over town and even, indirectly, wounding Touya. Upon being shown sympathy from Touya, Mirror showed a remorseful side, expressing her guilt by hinting at her identity and giving Touya a heartfelt apology.

Magical Abilities[]

Imitation Magic: Mirror can perfectly imitate the appearance of whomever she or her master desires. Although she can take the form of a perfect clone, those with magic have been known to be able to see through her disguises.

Reflecting: Sometimes, Mirror's mirror can be summoned alone to be used by her master to deflect a ranged attack back at the opponent, as demonstrated on The Shot.

Fortune Telling: All Clow Cards have the ability to help their user predict the future. Their method of fortune-telling is similar to that of tarot cards. The interpretation of the message the Clow Cards relay depends on the magical power of the user.



One fall day, an exact copy of Sakura suddenly appears out of the blue in Tomoeda and proceeds to cause all kinds mischief and mayhem. This corresponds to volume 3 of the manga and Episode 25 of the anime. The erratic trouble is inevitably shifted onto the real Sakura despite protesting her not knowing of any of this happening. Later, it is revealed that a card is impersonating Sakura. After seeing the trouble-making replica of herself, Sakura consults the Clow Cards using them for fortune telling. At this point (in the manga) she has ten cards: Wood, Windy, Watery, Shadow, Jump, Fly, Illusion, Sword, Thunder and Flower, and twenty-four in the anime.

Under Kero's instructions on how to cut the cards and place them, Sakura asks them who opposes her.

The first card Windy which represents news or transmission means that the cards are now aware that Sakura is collecting them and when talking about Shadow (who in the manga attacked Touya at work) also know she has a brother.

Realizing the girl has to be a Clow Card: three more cards that link to the card are turned over, these being: Watery, Illusion and Shadow.

The last card to tell of approaching danger is Flower, Touya's name is made up from the kanji for peach blossom and so he is the one in danger.

Around the same time, Touya stumbles upon the card masquerading as Sakura down town. It lures him out in to the woods under the false presence that it has lost something. The card tricks Touya to search in a precarious area of woodland and he unwittingly stumbles over a steep cliff edge. The card watches passively as Touya struggles to cling on to the edge of the cliff until, finally unable to hold on any longer, he plummets down below.

The card ventures down and is surprised to find Touya at the bottom still conscious, albeit barely and in a great deal of pain. Kneeling down beside him, it is further surprised when he insists on continuing the search despite his injuries and her previous deception. He talks to the card, believing it to be some kind of lost spirit. His sincerity and unexpected kindness affect her and this seems to stir something deep inside the card.

His strength rapidly departing him, Touya gives it one final smile before being overtaken by a spasm of pain and slumps back unconscious against the cliff wall.

An angry Sakura appears accompanied by Kero and Syaoran Li and furiously confronts the card. She tries using the Windy and Watery cards consecutively in an attempt to subdue and attack it, but both spirits simply pass through the card. Kero and Syaoran quickly realize that it's a special card: one that would lose its powers and return to its true form – but only if its true identity is correctly deduced.

The passive card meanwhile glances silently at Touya's battered form. Sakura begins piecing together the three clues given by the cards: Shadow, Watery and Illusion. She clenches her eyes shut briefly, concentrating. When she opens them again she's startled to discover the card mimicking her exact movements: even taking a step back when she does and holding up an imaginary sealing wand. Sakura realizes the card is deliberately copying her and fits the three clues together.

"Like a shadow that mimics your moves. Like water that reflects your image. Not real, but an illusion."

Sakura successfully deduces the card's true identity and calls out its name: "Mirror!" At her declaration, the copy Sakura's form is enveloped in a bright shimmering light and peels away in a flash of blinding white brilliance.

Right before she is sealed away, Mirror (now in her normal visible form and crying) floats over to a bruised and unconscious Touya and tearfully apologizes to him, kissing him on the forehead and saying: "I'm sorry". Mirror is then sealed away and Sakura rushes to embrace her injured brother.

When The Cloud card appears above the town one day, creating storm clouds causing it to rain heavily, a sickly Sakura, knowing Touya won't let her go, uses Mirror to create a duplicate of herself and take her place.

CCS EP39 - Touya takes care of The Mirror Sakura

The Mirror (as Sakura) and Touya. Seeing through her disguise, Touya doesn't allow her to take any medicine, as it's to be taken only when ill.

The Mirror Card acts like her while she heads out to seal The Cloud card. Touya immediately knows that she left and confesses to The Mirror that he knows about Sakura's magical activities. Mirror initially appears worried about this. Touya however keeps this a secret and instead interacts with Mirror as if it were an individual person and ask she doesn't let Sakura know.

Mirror seems to have a special affection for him and is very shy towards Touya. When Sakura returns after capturing The Cloud, her condition is noticeably worse. Mirror first steadies Sakura from falling over and then tucks her into bed, happily stating that she'd had "fun" and returns to card form.[2]

Sakura Card arc[]

CCS EP61 - Touya's gift to The Mirror

Touya's gift to The Mirror.

In the anime, The Mirror is transformed into a Sakura Card sometime before Episode 61. At the beginning of the episode, The Mirror is seen to be talking to the Cards. After a while, Sakura returns to her bedroom after conquering another one of Eriol's trials in which she transformed four unnamed cards. Sakura thanks The Mirror for covering for her. Sakura later sends The Mirror to cover for her for a dinner with Touya. Although Touya can recognize The Mirror as Sakura, he agrees to go to dinner with her and presents her with hair ribbons. The Mirror then communicates to Sakura the message from the other Cards.

In Volume 8 (Chapter 33) of the manga, the basic plot of Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day (Sakura is sick and uses The Mirror as a stand-in to fool Touya while she deals with a magical occurrence; Touya knows The Mirror isn't really Sakura, but tells The Mirror not to let Sakura know he's on to her; Sakura's fever is cooled by magical means after she takes care of the magical occurrence) happens during the Sakura Cards arc and The Mirror is transformed when she is summoned to cover for Sakura.

Clear Card arc []

Mirror, like the other Sakura Cards, turned "clear" (blank) and are rendered powerless.

It is later revealed that the Cards were with Syaoran in order to protect Sakura magical powers had grown enormously and that this could be detrimental to her. With the collaboration of the cards, who also wish to protect Sakura, Syaoran is able to rewrite the contract of the cards, replacing Sakura’s name on them with his name and allowing him to utilize their powers, which essentially makes him the new master of the cards.

When the Cards pass under Syaoran's possession, they receive his Moon powers and appeared the Crescent Moon symbol in their forms. The cards moved by their love for Sakura and their desire to protect her. Left with Syaoran through a spell arranged by his mother to prevent Sakura's powers from growing further while creating the Clear Cards; but doing so is extremely exhausting for him and takes longer than desired. However, when the world is rewritten by a taboo magic, the cards return to Sakura's possession as if they had never left.

Mirror appear along with the other Cards at Syaoran's house explaining to Cerberus and Yue the reasons for their departure. Later they all appear in front of Sakura to explain that they wanted to help Syaoran protect her.

Syaoran used The Mirror in Chapter 37 to cover for Sakura in the school while she was dealing with a Clear Card.

In Chapter 49, after the Sakura Cards were almost taken away, Syaoran and Sakura notices that The Mirror was missing. It was later revealed in Chapter 52 that Yuna D. Kaito is holding her.

In Chapter 65, The Mirror is revealed to be impersonating Sakura inside the world of Alice in Clockland in order to deceive Syaoran. When the boy rush to save her from a fall, he discover the truth since he could touch "Sakura" without suffering a shock. As Mirror returns to her real form, she ask for forgiveness.

In Chapter 68, Upon being saved by the Flight card, Mirror ask Syaoran to take her with him as they go to save Sakura. Syaoran later makes Mirror imitate him in order to deceive Kaito and allow the real Syaoran reach Sakura and Akiho. Syaoran then uses Mirror to replicate Flight and sustain both Sakura and Akiho, while Mirror turns into mirrored wings for Syaoran.

In Chapter 77, Sakura uses The Mirror to transform into Flight and allow Akiho to fly to get to where the dragon is.



  • She is under The Earthy card, despite having a connection with The Watery card from Sakura's fortune telling. This is because a mirror is made from glass and metal, which are extracted from the ground.
  • The Mirror may act as an "ambassador" of sorts for the Cards, as she is able to interact with them and give information to Sakura on the cards' behalf, as she states that not all of them have the ability to "speak".
  • The Mirror is the first card to show any sort of affection toward a human that is not her master.
  • The Mirror is one of the few Cards that have demonstrated human speech, (the others are Light, Dark and Nothing/Hope).
  • The Mirror's mirror makes an appearance in the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga, wielded as a magical item by Chu'Nyan.
  • The kanji at the top of the card: 鏡, (Pronounced Kagami) means 'mirror' or 'looking glass' in Japanese.
  • The Mirror as Sakura Cards hair colored in the Clear Card manga chapter 67 cover is pink instead of green showed in the original anime episode 61.


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