The Nameless Card
Sign Star
Hiegherarchy Unknown
Magic Type Unknown
Captured N/A
Transformed N/A

The Nameless Card is used to represent Sakura's and Syaoran's intense romantic love and infatuation for each other. In Cardcaptor Sakura-The Movie 2: The Sealed Card, it combines with The Nothing and turns it into The Hope. This card has an angel winged-heart and a crown on it, and it exists only as a Sakura Card and never existed as a Clow Card, because the card was made from Sakura's tears.

In the American dub, this mystical Card was named the Hope, which caused naming problems for the Nothing and Nameless card fusion at the end of the second movie. However, it could be that the Hope Card was not fully awakened yet until the fusion of it and the Nothing was revealed.

Abilities and Powers

Since this card was created specifically from Sakura's own emotions over her longing for Syaoran/Li to return again, there has been some speculation that the Nameless Card represents the "Love Card" which later being fused into the Hope Card from the Nothing Card. However, this is not official, and seems to be more of fan-based thoughts.

During the second movie, Eriol told Sakura that upon the sealing of The Nothing card, it will get rid of the feelings of the person with the most magic near it. Upon its sealing, Syaoran is encased within one of Nothing's spheres (Sakura's magic was used more frequently than his own, leaving him with more), we see The Nameless Card activate. It should be assumed that since The Nameless Card was made from Sakura's love for Syaoran, it was what cancelled out The Nothing's effect of stealing someone's feelings. Though, if it was someone other than Syaoran, we cannot know if it would have activated (since it was a card of Sakura's undying and intense, romantic love for Syaoran).



  • The Nameless Card appears to be the only card capable of self-sacrifice, as it saved Syaoran/Li from the effects of the Nothing's capture and transformation.