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The Nothing
Katakana ナッシング
Sign Sun and Moon/
Hierarchy Unknown
Magic Type Eastern/Western Magic
Important Events
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card

The Nothing is a top and superiority Clow Card with the power to enclose anything to a dark sphere and vastly encompassing everything exists to nothingness, placing all into a state of non-being.

It introduced in the second movie and its one of the fifty-three Clow Cards in the anime.

Appearance and Temperament[]

The Nothing is composed of a spherical black void of emptiness where nothing exists. In the center of this black void, one can make out a young girl with long, silvery hair with wings atop her head, wearing a frilled dress. There is a constant expression of sorrow on the girl's face. When captured and changed into a Sakura Card, she is clasping the winged heart that was represented by the Nameless card and has, for the first time, a smile upon her face.

Fitting for her appearance, Nothing has many childlike and arrogant characteristics, as well as an awareness of her immense, magical powers. When battling Sakura and her team, she didn't bat an eye at Yue or Kero's attacks, due to being immune to their magic. In addition, she underestimates her opponents. When Syaoran was standing right in front of her, she only stared at him, thinking his magic wouldn't affect her. She was later shocked when his lightning was actually able to touch her. She may have chosen the amusement park to hide in to be like the fun for the "little girl" the card is.

Magical Powers[]

Nothing's presence and powers are vastly encompassing. She was able to detect Eriol's attempt to call and warn Sakura about the card, erasing the phone lines as a result.

Despite her primary ability to make anything vanish enclose everything exists return to nothingness, she has other powers as well. She is able to control inanimate objects, making them mobile for a period of time (as seen when she used horses from the carousel to attack Sakura and company), teleport and levitate.

Since merging with the Nameless, her powers as the Hope are yet to be revealed but it is implied that they are both negative and positive magic.


In order to balance the immense positive magic of the Clow Cards, Clow Reed created The Nothing card, containing the negative magic equivalent in magnitude to the other fifty-two cards. True to the card's name, anything or anyone that comes into contact with it will cease to exist/return to nothingness. Clow Reed thus sealed this card below his mansion, remaining undisturbed while the other Clow Cards keep the balance between their energies. However, when the Clow Cards were turned into Sakura Cards, the balance between them disappeared and the sealing of The Nothing was broken.

The Nothing appears in the second movie and is terribly lonely in the beginning, unable to interact with others without destroying them. The only beings that can interact with her safely are the other Clow Cards. As a result, The Nothing tries to steal the Clow Cards (now Sakura Cards) so that she would not be alone again. Nothing continues to steal the Sakura Cards and destroys/unmake everyone and everything that Sakura holds dear; The Nothing likely views Sakura as a villain of sorts who stole her "friends" (the Clow Cards) and intends for Sakura to suffer the same pain of loss that she has felt for a long time.

In the end, the Sakura Cards return to Sakura, and Nothing falls into hysterical despair, believing that her friends have abandoned her. However, Sakura convinces Nothing that she can be her friend, too, together with all the Cards. She returns Nothing to a Clow Card form (we never see her card form except for in the beginning of the film) and then transforms it into a Sakura Card. However, the sealing of the card comes with a price: the feelings of the person closest to it. The Nothing was about to erase Syaoran's feelings for Sakura (since he have more magic left than Sakura) but it is avoided by The Nameless Card, that merges with The Nothing to form The Hope. All the damage and deaths caused by Nothing are then miraculously undone upon the rising sun.


  • "Return them. "
  • "Only two more."
  • "There's just one more."
  • "And now I have them all."
  • "NO!! I've been alone all this time!! Sealed away, hidden from the world in a cold, dark place!! I was so lonely there!! I finally have my friends back!! Why are you coming between us!!?"
  • "Why are you all abandoning me? Is it that you hate me? Am I no longer a friend to you all? Please tell me why you're doing this!!"
  • "If I do, I won't be alone?"



  • The Nothing was voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese) and Lia Sargent (English).
  • In the original Japanese version of the second movie, The Nothing is also known as The Void. In the end of the movie, the card turns into The Hope card.
  • In Eastern Daoism philosophy, The Nothing represents "Non-Being" to the existence of "Being". in Western philosophy, The Nothing is the antithesis of "Everything".
  • The kanji at the top of the card: 無, (Pronounced Mu) means 'nothing', 'nothingness', 'none' and 'nil' in Japanese.
  • In the second movie, The Nothing stole a total of 38 of the 53 cards.
  • The Shield card can block The Nothing's void orb attack.
  • The first card The Nothing took was The Change; the last card taken was The Shield.
  • Despite only being seen as a Clow Card in the movie, CLAMP has drawn a design of The Nothing as a Sakura Card as well.
  • Aspects of the Nothing liken her to Princess Emeraude of Magic Knight Rayearth, another CLAMP work:
    • Both are depicted as longhaired young women trapped/dwelling within a dark sphere.
    • Both are regarded as supremely powerful beings; Princess Emeraude being the Pillar of Cephiro, the Nothing as the most powerful Clow Card. Both are also capable of great destruction.