The Rain (Kanji: 雨, Katakana: レーン, Romanji: Rēn) is a mischievous entity that is able to control rain and create surprising downpours on anybody to prank them.

Rain is considered The Cloud's twin or sister card.

In the anime it's water gives The Wood enough power to cause chaos in Sakura's house (Episode 4). Sakura sealed Rain with help from The Watery, which was also able to feed off Rain's power to increase its own. Rain, as a free spirit, is very chaotic and tried to drown Sakura with a waterfall-like attack to play with Sakura, like Cerberus said.

It is under Watery.


Rain's physical form resembles a young and cute little girl with a jesters hat that falls into two long points, tipped in teardrop shapes like rain drops. She has long straight bangs parted on either side of her face, like the Cloud, and hers end in rain drops. Her collar is cut in many points, like the Twin, and tipped in droplet shapes. Her outfit consists of poofy pants in a harlequin pattern, a poofy sleeved top, and pointed boots, the cuffs of which are also tipped in raindrops. In Card form, like the Cloud holds a cloud puff, the Rain holds a drop of rain in her hands. She rides a cloud and has a blue teardrop shaped jewel on its forehead. She is very similar in appearance to The Cloud, and it has been assumed that the two are sisters.

Rain is transformed in Episode 69 when Sakura transforms the last remaining Clow Cards.[1]



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 雨, (Pronounced 'Ame') means 'rain' in Japanese.


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