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The Return
Katakana リターン
Sign Sun
Hierarchy The Light
Magic Type Western Magic
Temperament Docile
Important Events
Episode 27
Episode 68

The Return is a Clow Card with the power to return the time to the past. It is aligned under The Light.

It is one of the fifty-three Clow Cards in the anime.


Return's visible form resembles a swift-moving, tangible black mist. Its Sakura Card image displays a young woman holding a blue hourglass. However, for some reason, in its Clow Card form, it was shown holding a blue clock with wings (in reverse form running counterclockwise in respect of its power to "rewind" the time around its user for them to see past events) instead. But as seen in the anime (see gallery section below), the Clow Card form is actually holding a blue hourglass.

The noticeable resemblance between the spirit of the Return card and the spirit of The Time card may be indicative of a relation between them.

Magic and Abilities[]

Time Travel: Unlike The Time card, it has the rare ability to enable the user to travel back into the past to a certain timeline of past events. It allows the user to travel back into the distant past and witness events that have already occurred as a ghostly observer. Return protects its user from detection (both magical and mundane), but exceptionally powerful or knowledgeable magicians, such as Kaho Mizuki and Clow Reed himself, can pierce Return's protections.

Return, like The Time, requires a considerable amount of magical power to use; in the series, the spiritual energies of the cherry tree at Tsukimine Shrine are needed to cast the spell effectively.

Fortune Telling: All Clow Cards have the ability to help their user predict the future. Their method of fortune-telling is similar to that of tarot cards. The interpretation of the message the Clow Cards relay depends on the magical power of the user.


Clow Cards Arc[]

In Episode 27 of the original anime, Return harnesses the spiritual power of the old cherry tree in the Tsukimine Shrine. Sakura and Syaoran feel the card's presence, not knowing what it is or what its powers are. Kero disappears for a moment, to buy himself and the other two some drinks. Perhaps taking advantage of this, Return sucks Sakura inside the tree. Kero returns and recognizes the Card. Sakura can see some past events related to her brother Touya and her teacher, Kaho Mizuki. Suddenly, she is thrown out of the tree and returned to the present. Return shows her true form and Sakura seals to the Card. Return chooses Syaoran as her owner, as he had used The Time to interrupt the past and recover Sakura.

Sakura Cards Arc[]

It was transformed to Sakura Card in Episode 68. Sakura decides that she needs to talk to the Clow Reed about what will happen after the transformation of all the Clow Cards and uses the same cherry tree from the Temple as support to do her magic.

Clear Cards Arc[]

Like the rest, it had turned transparent and lost all of its time-traveling magic.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 戻, (Pronounced 'Modo') means 're-', 'return', 'revert', 'resume', 'restore' and 'go backwards' in Japanese.