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The Snow

The Snow
Sign Moon
Magic Type Eastern Magic
Sakura and the Snowy New School Term
Sakura, the Past, and Clow Reed

The Snow (Kanji: 雪, Katakana: スノー, Romanji: Sunō) is a Clow Card with the power to create and control snow. It is aligned under the Watery and under the power of the Moon, Yue, and eastern magic.

Its Clear Card counterpart is "Hail", as it is for "the Freeze"


The Snow's physical body

Snow appears as an adult woman with pale, white skin, wearing a white kimono with a wide collar, long sleeves that obscure her hands, and a dark blue obi tied in a wide bow. A large yellow crystal is placed on her forehead, above her bangs, while five white ones lie across her neckline.


Snow displays a notable amount of wit compared to the other Clow Cards.

Magic and Abilities

Snow Magic: Snow has the ability to drastically manipulate the weather to cause massive amounts of snowfall. She is also able to control existing sources of snow.

Fortune Telling: All Clow Cards have the ability to help their user predict the future. Their method of fortune-telling is similar to that of tarot cards. The interpretation of the message the Clow Cards relay depends on the magical power of the user.



The new school year has begun and things begins suddenly take a precarious turn when it beings to snow. Pretty soon the whole town is nearly buried. It turns out to be the work of the Snow Card. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero head to the park where they run into Syaoran and Meiling. The card begins to attack Sakura and Syaoran, but leaves Tomoyo and Meiling alone. Sakura and Syaoran lead the card, and when Sakura loses her new watch in the snow, she uses the Firey card and melts all the snow.[1]


Snow destroys the Snow men attacking Sakura

Snow is transformed into a Sakura card in Episode 68 when Sakura is attacked by a horde of snowmen during one of Eriol's magical trials. Sakura attempts to evade the incoming snowballs but, after becoming overwhelmed by the snow (and angry as a result), then transforms and summons Snow, neutralizing all the snow that had appeared.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 雪, (Pronounced 'Yuki') means 'snow' in Japanese.
  • Snow's appearance is likely a reference to the Yuki Onna (雪女), a yokai from Japanese folklore.


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