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The Song
Katakana ソング
Sign Moon
Hierarchy The Windy
Magic Type Eastern Magic
Temperament Docile
Important Events
Episode 23
Episode 49

The Song is a Clow Card with the power to imitate anyone who has good or amazing singing voice, especially Tomoyo. It is aligned under The Windy.

It is one of the fifty-three Clow Cards in the anime.


Song's visible form resembles a young girl wearing a long dress, all in lavender-white, and bluish-lavender headgear. The headgear resembles a treble clef, and the dress resembles the front of a stringed-instrument. Her dress also has the 'F holes', which are long to look like the cello. Her hair is purple, and split into two sides with the ends in a curl. In Clow Card form, Song has musical notes in the background.

Song, as a Sakura Card, has no musical notes in the background, no treble clef on her headgear, and thicker curls.


Song is a card that loves singing. It is attracted to any beautiful songs that it hears, often copying them (to memory). However, Song is very shy and is easily scared away by loud sounds or sudden movements, but it can be coaxed into its visible form if it feels safe. The Song will also try its best to make the song perfect just like the singer of the song.

Magic and Abilities[]

Voice Mimicry: Unlike The Voice, Song cannot steal people's voices, it merely copies them.

Fortune Telling: All Clow Cards have the ability to help their user predict the future. Their method of fortune-telling is similar to that of tarot cards. The interpretation of the message the Clow Cards relay depends on the magical power of the user.



In Episode 23 of the anime, Sakura first encounters Song in the school music room while investigating a rumor that it was haunted. According to the rumor, a young girl can be heard singing in the music room after everybody else has left.

While investigating the mysterious singing late one night, Sakura discovers that it is emanating from Song, but every time she tries to get close enough for capture, Meiling accidentally makes noise that frightens the card away.

After a continued pursuit, Sakura realizes that Song is singing a song that Tomoyo was rehearsing earlier that day and that it is using Tomoyo's voice. Tomoyo starts singing, too, which draws the card out and into its visible form, where it sings a duet with Tomoyo and then is immediately captured by Sakura.

Other Use[]

Song is instrumental later on in the capture of The Voice card, luring it out of hiding.[1]

In Episode 46 of the series, The Song appeared behind Sakura, to help her to remember her world.


Song is transformed in Episode 49, when Sakura uses it to lure a cursed piano, which follows the sound of Tomoyo's voice, off the roof of her school.

Appearances in Other Media[]

The Song appears in the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle manga, being part of Suzuran's troupé in Shara country.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 歌, (Pronounced 'Uta') means 'song' or 'sing' in Japanese.


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