The Storm



Storm true

The Storm
Sign Moon
Hiegherarchy The Windy
Magic Type Eastern Magic
Episode 15
Episode 69

The Storm (Kanji: 嵐, Katakana: ストーム, Romanji: Sutōmu) is closely related to Cloud, Rain, Thunder, Watery, and Windy. The Storm is a powerful and aggressive card that is capable of summoning huge rainstorms and tornadoes that can be used both to attack an opponent and to bind them. However, despite its power, Storm is vulnerable to attacks directed towards its center (the eye of the storm) and is easily defeated by Syaoran's Raitei Shourai.

The Storm is aligned under the Windy.


Storm appears as a young elf with curly, shoulder-length hair and also appears to be wearing some form of armor over its pants and around its shoulders, ornamented in spikes. It wears long, teardrop-shaped earrings. Storm bears some similarity to The Cloud and The Rain.



It first appears in Episode 15 in a form of a tornado. Because Syaoran is the one who forces it to return to its visible form (By hitting it with a lightning bolt in the eye of the tornado/storm), Storm belongs to him.

Other uses

Syaoran rarely uses The Storm Card, but does so notably in the first movie, when he calls Storm to distract Madoushi ('Su Yung' in the English dub) in order to buy Sakura time to escape from her dimension.[1]


Storm is transformed in Episode 69 when Sakura transforms the last remaining Clow Cards.



  • The kanji at the top of the card: 嵐, (Pronounced 'Arashi') means 'storm' or 'tempest' in Japanese.


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