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Kanji: 時間
Katakana: タイム
Romaji: Jikan
Resemblance: Nadeshiko's Key
Counterpart: The Time
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 51

Time (Kanji: 時間, Katakana: タイム , Romaji: Jikan) is one of the Clear Cards that was captured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


Time resembles a clock, with the top portion being much longer than all other sides. It also features small wings, attached to the watch portion.

It's almost an identical replica of Nadeshiko's clock, which was given to Sakura Kinomoto some time before.



In Chapter 51, The card was created by Sakura when Nadeshiko's Clock stops time and allows her meeting with Momo. The two have a conversation after which Momo decides to show Sakura a world where is unhappiness and her loved ones doesn't remember her, however Kaito appears interrupts the meeting and use his Clock staff to cast the spell turns back time. Upon returning home, Sakura realizes that she has created a new card but doesn't remember doing it.

Examine Use[]

In Chapter 76, Sakura invokes Time when she remembers how she had created it thanks to her mother and uses its magic to reset time in the cage that held the dragon, freeing it.

In Chapter 79, when Sakura is unable to create a new card with her remaining magic, so she decides to use the cards she already has as a base.

Thus, two cards Time and Rewind merge, giving rise to the card that Sakura intends to use so that everyone remembers the real Akiho. Sakura uses Remind along with the newly created Blank to return the world to how it was before.

Magical Abilities[]

Time Magic: Like the object on which it is based, the card is capable of influencing the flow of time in a certain way, being able to release the magic cage that was frozen in time.