Time Fairy Costume
Time Fairy Costume
Used in Episode 12
Pink Thunder Cat Costume
Storm Witch Costume

The Time Fairy Costume was worn by Sakura when capturing The Time. It was designed by Tomoyo, embodying the image of a fairy. Green Fairy Costume Settei

Design Description

An off-shoulder dress, its main body being cream white with a golden ring in the centre, along with a line extending beneath it. The sleeves of the top is a puff-style in golden yellow, the skirt of the dress extends outwards and tall, a pair of lemon yellow, puffy shorts worn underneath. A pair of white slippers with a yellow pom pom on the top is worn with the ensemble. Accessories include a matching wrist cuff, choker and scrunchy in the same style as the sleeves, as well as a pair of green fairy wings in the back.



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