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Time Magic Pocketwatch
Yuna's Pocket Watch
User(s): Yuna D. Kaito
Used with: Kaito's Staff
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 11
First Appearance (Anime): Episode 17

The Time Magic Pocketwatch is an ancient magical time-related artifact owned by Yuna D. Kaito. Its specialty is utilizing and manipulating time at his will; mainly rewinding time back a few moments.


Yuna has had this watch since his arrival in Tomoeda with Akiho Shinomoto. He uses it to track and intervene in a series of events surrounding Sakura. Yuna desires a specific Clear Card from her in order to activate a spell from a taboo sacred book Alice in Clockland relic.[1]

During a holographic meeting between Eriol, Kero, and Yue regarding Yuna’s past, Yuna intervened and Eriol was forced to cut the session short before using his staff (which was cracked by Yuna’s powers) to escape from Yuna. This caused the pocket watch, which Yuna states has never been scratched, to be cracked. He also uses the pocket watch to disrupt communication attempts between Syaoran and Eriol, both whose are suspicious of Yuna’s intentions with Sakura.[2]

Yuna later uses his pocket watch to place a spell in Syaoran to prevent him from mentioning anything about him to Sakura.[3]

When he finally achieves his goal with the creation of the Exchange card, he uses the magic of the card to swap the ownership of his watch with the book inside Akiho. Thus, Akiho is now the owner of a tool that she cannot use due to the lack of her own magic and Kaito is the new container of all the spells that were in Akiho.[4]

When Akiho and Sakura realize that the world was rewritten, they discover that the pocket watch actually belonged to someone very dear to Akiho who is now gone. When Sakura and Syaoran decide to set off in search of this person, Syaoran uses the watch along with his Rashinban to follow the magical trail of the watch's original owner, leading them to a kind of time prison behind an illusion of the moon.[5]

When Sakura uses Rewind to return Kaito to his human form, the watch combine its magic with the card, giving it enough power to bring Kaito back, although not completely as he retained his dragon wings.[6]

Magical Abilities[]

Time Control & Manipulation: With the help of this pocket watch and a spell, after having made a pact with the powers of the watch, Yuna is able to use it to turn back short stretches of time, affecting anyone within the area that he wishes to turn time back upon.

The individuals affected will forget anything Yuna has said or done within those few minutes, allowing him to rewrite the present as he sees fit. He is also able to stop time for everyone except whoever he wishes.

According to Momo, however, while most people are affected, Sakura Kinomoto, because of her own growing powers, will soon-or-later become immune to the watch's chronokinetic powers the more Yuna uses it.

The biggest risk is that making great use of time magic causes Kaito's lifespan to shrink.

The spell to activate its reversal abilities is:

Tina rie triax

Time, in accordance with the covenant, turn back



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