Tomoeda has all three levels of school: elementary, middle and high school. All three have various uniforms for different classes and seasons. From Spring to Winter, outdoor P.E to ice skating; Tomoeda's schools have a uniform for any weather and any activity.
Tomoeda Emblem

Tomoeda's school emblem for elementary, middle and high school.

Winter Uniforms

Female Uniform
Winter Female Uniform
Season(s): Winter
Class(es): All excluding P.E.
Activities: Studying

Female Students have black coat with white shirt, three yellow buttons on each side, white and red skirt, tie.

Female Main Winter Uniform

Male Main Winter Uniform

Male Uniform
Season(s): Winter
Class(es): All excluding P.E.
Activities: Studying
Very similar to the female uniform, the male winter uniform has the same top, excluding the black turtle neck. Two red chevrons are embroidered on the left breast of the top. A pocket lines either side of the black top, near the student's hips.

For the bottom half, male students wear a pair of black Capri-pants.

On the feet are a pair of white ankle socks and black loafers.

A white sailor-cap, with black v-cut ribbon is sometimes worn.

Winter P.E. Uniform

P.E. Uniform



Season(s): Winter
Class(es): P.E.
Activities: Skiing and Ice Skating
The Tomoeda Elementary school winter P.E uniforms are unisex in that there are virtually no differences between the male and female versions.

The uniform consists of a white, long-sleeved sweater with to Tomoeda Elementary School's emblem on the left breast. The only difference between the male and female versions being that the female's sweater is slightly shorter; showing the high-waisted pants.

The pants are made of a loose, navy blue material. A pair of white athletic-boots are worn on the feet.

Winter P.E. Coat

For colder weather, a unisex jacket can be worn with a pair of dark red gloves. The jacket is light-blue in color with black pockets. The hood of the jacket is lined in black material. drawstrings hang from the front of the jacket both near the hood and at the bottom of the jacket to close the hood or base of the jacket shut. The jacket is closed via a zipper. Sleeve-straps fastened by buttons, sit on the end of the jacket-sleeves as well. The jacket's length reaches to the top of the thigh.

The Tomoeda emblem is displayed on the left breast.


Summer Uniforms

Female Main Summer Uniform

Female Uniform
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Season(s): Summer
Class(es): All except P.E.
Activities: Studying
The Tomoeda Elementary School summer uniform consists of a white, short-sleeved blouse. The blouse has slightly puffed-sleeves with a black-stripped rim. A white sailor-collar with a black stripe is worn over the shoulders with a dark red tie. The tide also has a black accent-strip.

In place of the white-pleated winter uniform skirt is a black-pleated skirt.

A pair of white ankle-socks and black Mary-janes are still worn on the feet.

The white sailor-cap is optional.

Male Main Summer Uniform

Very similar to the female uniform: Black short pants, white shirt, red neckerchief and still wear black school shoes and wear white hats.

Summer P.E Uniform

Female P.E. Uniform



Season(s): Summer
Class(es): P.E.
Activities: Track and Field
Male and female students wear a simple, white Polo shirt and black sports pants. White trainers and white caps are also part of the outfit.

The female's uniform has spandex-like shorts; where as the males of basketball shorts.


Other Uniforms

Female Swimwear

School Swimsuits



Class(es): Swimming and/or Beach field trip
Activities: Swimming
Both male and female students have a school swimsuit.

The female swimsuit is a navy-blue one-piece with the Tomoeda Elementary school emblem on the chest.

Male Swimwear

The male's swimwear is a pair of short, navy-blue swim-trunks with the Tomoeda Elementary school emblem on the right leg.

Cheerleading Practice Uniform

Cheerleading Practice Uniform
Season(s): Spring/Summer
Class(es): Extra curricular activity
Activities: Baton practice
The uniform the female students wear when they are practicing their cheerleading skills. It is a simple, white Polo shirt with the Tomoeda Elementary School emblem on the left sleeve and the word "TOMOEDA" written on the right sleeve. It features a red and white pleated skirt with white trainers and socks.


Cheerleading Uniform
Cheerio V2 PG52
Season(s): Spring/Summer
Activities: Cheerleading

This is the uniform Sakura and other female students wear when they are cheerleading.



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