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Toy Sheep Costume
Ch36 Sheep costume
Used in: Chapter 36
Motif: Sheep
Color(s): White
Cat Coat
Tiara and Ruffles Costume

The Toy Sheep Costume was designed by Tomoyo Daidouji and worn by Sakura Kinomoto. The costume was never used in the anime, thought it did make a small cameo appearance in one of Tomoyo's imagination sequences.

The Toy Sheep costume was replaced by another sheep-theme outfit, the Episode 52 Battle Costume, in the anime adaptation.

The costume was also briefly shown in Tomoyo's imagination within the Cardcaptor Sakura anime.

Design Description[]

The costume consists of a hat, coat, shorts, leggings, gloves and boots.


The entirety of the costume is off-white with the fur-trim being a slightly cream color. The top is a long sleeved coat with a cropped body. Woolen trim is seen on the cuffs, neck and bottom of the jacket. A yellow bell also hangs from the front of the neck.

The bottom half is a pair of puffed shorts with the seam running down the middle. Woolen trim runs along the leg holes of the shorts. A pair of cream colored leggings are worn underneath.

A pair of yellow mittens are worn on the hands. Hoof-like boots with woolen-trim rising to the mid-calf are worn on the feet with the toe being yellow.

The hat worn is similar in style to a trapper hat. The entire hat is seen to have the woolen trim all over, along with a pair of yellow ram-horns and a pair of pink tipped sheep ears.


In the short time that the costume is seen on screen, the costume has two minor changes: The yellow mittens are swapped out to be cream-colored gloves and the woolen trim on the jacket and shorts are changed to a neon green. The size of the boots are also reduced.