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Traditional Orange Chinese Outfit
Movie Chinese Outfit - Sakura
Used in: Movie 1
Motif: Chinese
Color(s): Orange
Red Winter Coat Outfit
Green Arrow Costume

The Traditional Orange Chinese Outfit was worn by Sakura Kinomoto during the events of the First Movie: Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie. She wears it while visiting Li's family during her trip to Hong Kong. It is the second of three costumes that she wears there.

This outfit was lent to her by one of Syaoran's sisters, after Sakura had fallen into a fountain as she was chasing Madoushi's spirit-birds.

Design Description[]

A traditional orange and red, oriental suit. The top is a deep-orange with yellow lining on the sleeves, neck and bottom. The bottom of the orange top reaches passed the hips and displays a red, blue and yellow floral design.

The high-neck and bottom splits are tied together with a yellow, leaf-like tie. The sleeves split, up to the shoulder with no leaf-like tie.

The bright red, Capri-pants are lined with the same yellow lining. Both legs have a small split on the side near the ankle, held together by the yellow leaf-like ties.

The shoes of this outfit are the same deep-orange as the top, and are lined with the same yellow lining, and tied up with the same yellow leaf-like knot.

Finally, two blue-beaded hair-ties hold up Sakura's short pig-tails.