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"Transfer Student vs. Sakura" (さくらとたたかう転校生(てんこうせい), Sakura to Tatakau Tenkōsei?) is the 20th episode of the first season of Cardcaptor Sakura (anime). The Cardcaptors title for this episode is "The New Rival".


A girl named Meiling transfers into Sakura’s class and claims to be engaged to Syaoran. That night, Sakura sees her during her search for a Clow Card.


CCS EP20 - Morning

Sakura and Kero talking

Sakura is up and she is brushing her hair. Kero flies to Sakura and flies around her, telling her that she’s up awfully early, Sakura tells him that it’s the beginning of her new trimester. Sakura tells him that she can see everyone, she looks away and puts her hand on her cheek, saying that she could see Yukito again, her face turning red.

Kero, oblivious of her crush, flies in front of Sakura’s face and asks her what’s wrong and says her face is all red. He asks her if she’s fine, Sakura takes her hand off her cheek and tells him she’s fine, her face turning to her normal color.

Kero flies and crosses his arms, saying he’s glad. Kero says that he thought she would get a cold after she fell in the water. Sakura gets up rom her bed and goes to her desk, where she takes her school bag, Sakura tells him she’s fine, and says “but Li..”as she drifts off in the end, remembering what happened the day before.

CCS EP20 - Wondering

Kero wondering who that girl was

As Sakura is putting on her hat, Kero wonders who the girl is, to which Sakura tells Kero she has no idea. Sakura's father tells her that her lunch box is ready. Sakura responds cheerfully and gets her birdhouse, a part of her summer holiday homework, and almost leaves until Kero stops her and brings out Syaoran’s t-shirt and asks her if she’s taking it with her.

Sakura takes the shirt and thanks Kero, before heading downstairs.

Touya is waiting outside the house for Sakura, as Sakura comes out, Touya tells her that she’s early, Sakura is proud of it and puts her hands on her hips. Touya looks up to the sky, asking if it’s going to rain, Sakura puts her hand into a fist and asks Touya in an annoyed voice what he said.

Fujitaka comes out and asks them if they have any extracurricular activities for the day, Touya and Sakura both reply with a ‘no’. Fujitaka tells them that he’s coming home early, and that he’ll make a feast for them. Sakura’s face lights up and she jumps, excited for the feast.

CCS EP20 - Going to School

Yukito, Touya Sakura on their way to school

Sakura is on her way to school, with Touya and Yukito biking alongside her. Yukito looks at Sakura and tells her that she looks happy, Sakura blushes a bit and asks him if she does, Touya replies to Yikito’s question, saying that she’s happy probably because of the feast they’re having that night. Sakura tells Touya that the feast is not the reason why she's happy.

She thinks to herself that the feast is part of it, but it’s also because of Yukito, she looks at Yukito and he tells them that he sees. He asks Sakura if there'll be a feast in her house, Sakura replies with a ‘Yes!’ She says that her father said there would be a feast because he would be coming home early from work that night.

Yukito tells Sakura that that’s great. Touya asks Sakura if she’s seen the news the night before, Sakura is confused, having not watched the news the night before. He tells her about the one where a black-belt in karate got beaten up on the streets the night before. Yukito says that he saw that one, he also says that he’s heard that the opponent was a girl.

Sakura tells them she didn’t know about it. Touya teases Sakura by saying he though it was Sakura, because she is a “monster”, Sakura holds up her fist and asks him what he just said, angry because of his teasing, she then looks to the side and sees Yukito looking at her, she’s no longer angry, but embarrassed.

Yukito laughs at her, Sakura blushes a bit and holds her fist to her mouth, nodding.

CCS EP20 - Greeting

Tomoyo greeting Sakura

Sakura arrives at school greets everyone. Tomoyo greets Sakura, as Sakura does the same. Sakura starts walking to her desk, Tomoyo asks her if she caught a cold, Sakura tells her she’s fine. She takes off her hat and looks behind her, questioning where Syaoran is. Tomoyo tells her that he’s not here, then Sakura tells Tomoyo that she wonders if he’s okay. She also wonders what happened yesterday after that Chinese girl came in and kicked both Sakura and Tomoyo out, as well as who that girl was. Tomoyo tells Sakura that she also wonders who the girl was, and Sakura tells Tomoyo she doesn’t know.

The door opens and Syaoran comes in, Sakura and Tomoyo look at the door and Tomoyo tells Sakura that there’s Syaoran. They both blink and they see how shellshocked he is. He pulls out his chair and sits down with a sigh, putting his head down.

Sakura gives him the shirt he gave her the day before, thanking him for letting her lend the shirt. Syaoran just says ‘yeah’, Sakura tells him he looks a little pale, asking him if he is alright. Syaoran looks at her and nods. Terada comes into the room, and tells all the students that he’s starting homeroom class.

He walks to the front and tells everyone that today starts the second trimester of the year, he asks everyone if they’ve done their summer vacation homework, to which everyone replies with a ‘yes’. Terada tells them that a new student will be joining them for the new trimester, and as he’s saying this, Syaoran starts shaking. Terada tells them that he’ll introduce her to everyone.

CCS EP20 - New girl

The new girl

The door opens and it’s revealed to be the same girl Sakura and Tomoyo had met at Syaoran’s apartment. Terada asks her to come to the front so he can introduce her. She instead starts walking forward, ignoring what Terada said, and stops right behind Syaoran.

Her face becomes sad, and she tells Syaoran that she wanted to go to school together with him. She then puts her arms around his neck tightly, yelling that he’s so mean. Sakura is looking at them and is confused.

Terada is writing the girl’s name on the chalkboard, telling everyone that they had a new transfer from Hong Kong, Meiling Li. Everyone is shocked and Terada tells them that she’s cousins with Syaoran. Sakura says that she sees, and that they’re cousins and turns to Syaoran. Meiling sees this and runs all the way to the back of the class where Syaoran and Sakura are.

She blocks Syaoran from Sakura’s view and tells her that she’s his fiancée and that Sakura should keep her hands off him. Everyone, including Terada, are shocked at what Meiling just said. Sakura questions the ‘fiancée’ part, Syaoran raises his hand to her and tries explaining, but before he can, Meiling slams her palm on his desk, telling Sakura that it’s true, Syaoran sighs.

CCS EP20 - Talking

Sakura and her friends talking about that morning

Outside, Sakura and her friends are eating lunch, talking about Meiling. Sakura tells them that Meiling’s introduction surprised her, Chiharu tells them that Meiling starts off with “He’s my fiancée! Keep your hands off”. Naoko tells them that Syaoran seemed to be a little gloomy, Rika agrees.

Chiharu looks to the side and sees Yamazaki and calls out to him. Yamazaki walks up to them with Syaoran by his side, Yamazaki exclaims how their lunches look delicious. Chiharu asks Yamazaki if he’s having lunch soon, Yamazaki says that he was thinking of eating with Syaoran in the cafeteria.

Meiling runs up to them, calling out Syaoran’s name. Syaoran looks at her and is shocked, she hugs him and tells him she made lunch. Meiling lets go of him and tells him to eat with her. Syaoran grabs her wrist and tells her to follow him.

He stops in front of a bench and says her name, Meiling replies with a “What?” Syaoran tells her that they’re at a school, Meiling sits on the bench and tells him that that’s why the food is in a lunchbox, she tells him that if they were at home she would serve the food on dishes. Syaoran tells her that that’s not what he meant.

Meiling ignores him and asks him if he still doesn’t like Konjac Jelly, she tells him not to worry and that she didn’t put any in the food, Syaoran tells her that’s not what he meant either. Meiling ignores him again, and tells him she put his favorites in the food as well.

CCS EP20 - Food

Syaoran eating Meiling's food

Syaoran gets annoyed and says, “you know” but is cut off by Meiling, who gives him some of the food, Meiling asks him if she’s a good cook, Syaoran says that he guesses. Syaoran then says that that’s not it. He asks Meiling why she’s in Japan in the first place, Meiling says that no matter how long she waited, he didn’t come back. Syaoran tells her that he’s not going to be coming back until he collects all the Clow Cards, Meiling asks him if someone’s already collecting the cards, like the fortune Syaoran saw back in Hong Kong.

Syaoran says that he explained to her the day before, before he could say anything else, Meiling says ‘that girl’, referring to Sakura and looking at her. Sakura suddenly gasps and is frozen, Tomoyo looks at her and asks if something is wrong, Sakura replies to her saying that she felt a chill.

Syaoran tells Meiling that he still needs a little while to collect all the cards, he tells Meiling that she can go back to Hong Kong. Meiling ignores him and stands up, she tells him that she’ll help him and that he won’t lose against Sakura. Meiling tells Syaoran to leave it to her, and that if they combine both their powers, they’ll be invincible. Meiling then laughs, Syaoran sighs and Meiling says that they’ll be completely invincible.

Sakura and Tomoyo look at Syaoran and Meiling, Tomoyo tells her that Meiling seems to be having fun, Sakura says she guesses.

CCS EP20 - Glare

Meiling glaring at Sakura

It's now Physical Education and Terada blows his whistle, asking everyone to come over to where he is. When everyone’s with him, he tells him that they’ll be doing some floor exercises, he says they’ll be practicing cartwheels. Everyone is saying that they don’t think they’ll be able to do it, Tomoyo looks at Sakura and asks if cartwheels are easy for her, Sakura smiles. Meiling glares at her and Sakura gasps, she looks behind her and sees Meiling glaring at her.

Syaoran looks at Meiling and sighs.

One of their classmates is doing cartwheels, Terada calls out the next person, they try to do a cartwheel but fail, Terada then calls out the next person. Meiling raises her hand and perfectly does three cartwheels, amazing everyone. Meiling walks by Tomoyo and Sakura, and as she does so, Meiling smirks at the latter, then walks to her place.

Terada calls Sakura’s name next, Tomoyo tells Sakura that it’s her turn, Sakura then runs to where Terada is and also does three perfect cartwheels, infuriating Meiling. Everyone claps and Rika says that this is expected from Sakura.

Sakura walks back and sees Meiling, who is glaring at her. Sakura backs away from fear. Terada tells them that both Meiling and Sakura are amazing, and that because of this, he wants them both will do an exhibition.

CCS EP20 - Clapping

Syaoran and Yamazaki talking about Meiling

He walks up to them saying that they don’t have to overexert themselves and says that they can do any floor exercise that they are capable of doing, Meiling and Sakura both agree to it. Meiling goes first and does a cartwheel along with two backflips. Everyone is amazed and they all clap, except for Syaoran. Yamazaki looks at Syaoran and tells him that Meiling’s amazing, Syaoran says that he guesses.

Meiling walks by Sakura and smirks at her again, Sakura, confused, doesn’t think much of this and does a cartwheel, along with a backflip and an Arabian Flip (a backflip where you spin), amazing everyone. They all clap for her and cheer for her. Sakura looks at Meiling and sees that she’s glaring at Sakura once again, which makes Sakura shrink away in fear, she turns around and laments ‘why’.

It’s now night and Sakura flops on her bed, telling Kero how scared she was whenever Meiling glared at her. Kero is dumbfounded, and Sakura says that it wasn’t just in Phys Ed, she says that Meiling was glaring at her all day.

Kero asks Sakura if she didn’t do anything funny to Meiling, Sakura shakes. Fujitaka then calls Sakura, saying dinner is ready, Sakura says she’s coming and tells Kero that they have a feast and that she’ll make sure to bring some of the feast to Kero later and tells him to wait for it, Kero is happy.

As Sakura is walking down the stairs, she sings a song about dinner, she arrives at the dining room and in her song, she asks what’s for dinner, Yukito then replies, saying that their dinner is Steak. Sakura jumps, shocked seeing Yukito, she asks why he’s here, Fujitaka then comes in with their food, saying that he invited Yukito since he heard that Yukito would be by himself. Sakura’s face then reddens, Yukito smiles at her.

CCS EP20 - Eating

Yukito happily eating the food

They all start eating and Yukito exclaims that the food is delicious, he looks at Sakura and sees that her face is red, he asks her if she’s sure she doesn’t have a fever, Sakura assures him that she’s fine. Touya then tells Yukito that even if Sakura had a fever of 40 degrees, she wouldn’t let it get in the way of dinner. Touya gets cut off by Sakura kicking his ankle under the table, Touya glares at her while she looks away.

Sakura sees a newspaper with the headline “SKILLED MARTIAL ARTIST ASSAULTED!” and asks Yukito and Touya if that’s the incident they were talking about earlier, Touya said that it wasn’t, and that there must have been another one. Fujitaka tells them that it was on the news as well, he says that it said another black-belt martial artist was attacked at Tomoeda Central Park.

Sakura is shocked by this, Yukito takes the newspaper and tells them that it says it was a third-level black belt in judo this time, Sakura asks if it was a girl who did it again, Touya replies to her, saying that it was. Fujitaka tells them that he wonders why people who practice judo and karate are the targets. Yukito tells him that it seems like she’s not taking money or anything, Yukito also says that according to the victims, it was as if they were challenged to a martial arts match.

Fujitaka says it’s like a test of one’s skill, he then tells Touya that he should be careful, as Touya is a first-level black-belt in karate. Touya tells Fujitaka that a first-level isn’t enough to test one’s skill. Yukito continues reading the newspaper, saying that the culprit, a girl, was dressed in strange clothes. Sakura wonders in her head if it could possibly be a Clow Card.

It’s now night, Tomoyo and Sakura are at King Penguin Park, Sakura says that it does end up like this, Kero flies to Sakura and says that she looks gloomy. Kero then says that they should hurry up and capture the card, Tomoyo tells Kero that he seems to be very keen on capturing the card. Sakura walks to Tomoyo and tells her that she thinks it was because the dinner and dessert was really yummy for him, Tomoyo says that she sees.

Kero flies above the fence and then sits above it, he says that he feels the presence of a Clow Card, Sakura and Tomoyo walk over to where the fence is and Sakura concentrates on feeling the presence. Sakura then says that she feels it, Tomoyo says that the girl with the strange clothes that attacked all the martial artists, Meiling then interrupts Tomoyo, saying it’s a Clow Card.

CCS EP20 - Meiling

Meiling appearing

Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero turn around and see Meiling, standing on top of a street post, Sakura calls out to Meiling, confused. Meiling jumps down from the street post to where Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero are. Kero asks if she’s the fiancée of Syaoran, but they ignore him and Meiling states that they are also looking for the cards. Sakura asks if Meiling is also looking for the cards, Meiling says that she’s going to capture the cards and hand them to Syaoran. Meiling tells them that the cards belong to Syaoran.

Kero flies to Meiling and tells her that he won't let things go her way, he also says that Sakura is the only Cardcaptor he accepts. Meiling takes Kero and stretches his face, asking what he is. She also asks if he’s the guardian beast. Kero tells her to let go, Sakura then tells Meiling that Kero is the Beast of the Seal of Clow Cards. Meiling lets go of Kero and asks if the thing that looks like a bath sponge (Kero) is the guardian of the seal, Kero then points at her and says to her to try saying that again. Kero then calls her a brat.

Meiling then swats Kero to the side with her palm and walks up to Sakura and Tomoyo. She says that even if the Beast of the Seal is on their side, Syaoran has her. Meiling tells them that Syaoran will win. Something then comes out of the water, alerting Meiling and Sakura, it comes and stands on the fence. Sakura then exclaims that that must be the girl they were talking about on the news. Tomoyo tells Sakura that she doesn’t think the clothes are that strange.

CCS EP20 - The Fight

The Fight

The girl bows and Kero flies to Sakura, he tells her that’s the Fight card. The card runs on the fence, it jumps and is about to punch Sakura and Meiling, but Sakura and Meiling move away, causing the card to punch the ground. Sakura is confused and Kero explains to her that the Fight Card is a card that is used solely for martial arts combat.

Kero says that the card has a tendency to challenge stronger people. Sakura exclaims that she doesn’t know any martial arts, the card then turns to the side, facing Meiling. Meiling gets into a martial arts stance, Sakura is confused and asks Kero what do the stances mean, Kero says that the Fight is challenging Meiling to a battle.

Meiling tells the card that it can attack at any time. The Fight and Meiling start to fight, Meiling kicks the Fight in the stomach, causing the Fight to fall back. Sakura exclaims that Meiling is really good, Meiling then asks Sakura if she doesn’t know this and she’s still looking for the Clow Cards. Meiling says that Syaoran is going to find the cards, the Fight then gets back up and fights with Meiling again, Meiling asks if it hasn’t had enough yet. Tomoyo, Sakura and Kero are all surprised at how good Meiling is.

Meiling tries to kick, but the card blocks her kick and grabs onto her leg, the card then throws Meiling to the ground. The Fight is about to punch Meiling but Syaoran interferes and kicks the card, making it fall into the water.

CCS EP20 - Rescue

Meiling running towards Syaoran

Meiling gets up and calls Syaoran’s name, walking towards him. Syaoran then tells Meiling that he told her not to come, Sakura runs up to Meiling and asks if she’s okay, Meiling said that her foot just slipped a little, Kero flies to them and is confused, he asks if Meiling was acting separately from Syaoran, calling Syaoran ‘the kid’. Meiling gets angry and asks Kero why he’s referring to Syaoran as ‘kid’, Kero replies telling her that calling her ‘brat’ and Syaoran ‘kid’ is good enough.

Meiling gets angered and asks him what he said. Syaoran extends his hand, he says that she made Wei use the compass, Meiling exclaims that she told Wei to keep quiet, Syaoran tells her that Wei was worried about her, that’s why he told Syaoran. Sakura asks what does Meiling not being able to use the compass mean, Kero replies, telling her that it means Meiling doesn’t know where the cards are herself, he also says that she doesn’t have any magical powers.

Sakura asks if Kero’s sure, Kero says that it’s rare for someone in the Li clan, Meiling crosses her hands and says to Kero to leave her alone. Meiling gives Syaoran his compass, saying it wouldn’t move if she used it, Syaoran takes it and Meiling tells him that she had Wei help her. Meiling looks behind her and says that even Wei couldn’t find the exact location, she said that she had trouble finding it.

Syaoran says her name and tells Meiling that finding Clow Cards isn’t a game, he tells her that she can find herself in danger, just like when she was fighting the Fight. Meiling tells him that she was just caught off guard, Syaoran then says that being caught off guard could cost her life. Tomoyo whispers in Sakura’s ear that Syaoran looks very masculine, Kero then says that Syaoran’s nothing compared to him.

CCS EP20 - Danger

Compass pointing behind Meiling

Syaoran points to the left, he tells Meiling to go home and keep Wei company. Syaoran’s compass suddenly glows and it points to the bushes, he moves it, trying to find where the Fight is, he moves it so it’s behind Meiling, Syaoran realizes the card is behind Meiling and moves in front of her. The Fight emerges from the bushes and kicks Syaoran.

Meiling runs to Syaoran and kneels down beside him. Sakura, Tomoyo and Kero come to Syaoran as well. Meiling shakes his shoulders, saying his name, Syaoran looks at Meiling and says that he’s fine, Meiling starts crying and apologizing, saying it was her fault. Syaoran tells her to not cry. Meiling looks back at the card, she asks how dare the card do that to Syaoran, Syaoran tells her to stop, but Meiling runs to the Fight and kicks it.

She punches the card, making it fall. Syaoran gets up and Sakura asks if he’s alright, he tells her that he’s alright. Sakura looks at Meiling and says that Meiling is strong, Syaoran asks if she can win against a card made by Clow. The Fight and Meiling are fighting, but Meiling gets hurt, Meiling leads the card to the park. Sakura calls out Meiling’s name, and Meiling gets kicked by the Fight.

Sakura asks what she should do, Kero tells her that she needs to hurry up and seal the card. Sakura asks Kero what she should do, Kero thinks and says that since it’s Fight, she has to fight to win, Sakura says that she doesn’t know any martial arts. Kero says that the only way to seal the card is to fight and win, Sakura says it’s impossible.

CCS EP20 - Mentioning

Tomoyo mentioning how The Fight is similar to The Power

Tomoyo then says that the card is similar to The Power card, Syaoran staggers up to Sakura and Tomoyo, calling out Meiling’s name. Sakura tells him to wait and to leave it to her. Sakura pulls out the Power card and uses it.

Meiling is on the ground, right when the Fight’s about to punch her, Sakura asks the card to wait, Sakura runs up to the card and tries to hit it with the Sealing Wand but misses, causing her to hit the ground. Kero tells Sakura that it’s behind her, she looks behind her and sees the card running up to her, Sakura tells the card to stay away and hits it with her wand.

The Fight falls to the ground. Kero tells Sakura to seal it, Sakura seals the card, Tomoyo runs up to Sakura, saying it was splendid, Sakura tells Tomoyo that it was because she mentioned the Power card.

Syaoran helps Meiling get up, he asks if she’s okay, Meiling looks at Syaoran and says his name, but then glares at Sakura, saying ‘darn it’ over and over. Sakura tells Meiling that she was able to seal it because Meiling was fighting against the Fight, Meiling is in front of Sakura and says that she can do at least a little bit.

Meiling points at Sakura and says that Syaoran will be the one who ends up with the cards, Meiling then hugs Syaoran, while he sighs. Tomoyo tells Kero that the relationship chart has gotten complicated, Kero tells her that these are all part of the obstacles of being a Cardcaptor. Tomoyo asks if that’s really true, Kero then replies saying ‘probably’.


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  • Kero: Is this her? Is this the fiance of that kid?
  • Meiling: So you're here looking for the card as well.
  • Sakura: Then you are, too?
  • Meiling: I'm going to capture it and hand it over to Syaoran. The card is Syaoran's!
  • Kero: What!? I won't let things go your way! Sakura is the only Cardcaptor I've accepted!

(Meiling grabs Kero)

  • Meiling: What is this? Your guardian beast or something?
  • Sakura: Kero is the Beast of the Seal of the Clow Cards.
  • Meiling: This thing that looks like a bath sponge!?
  • Kero: You try saying that again, brat!

(Meiling swats Kero away with the palm of her hand)

  • Yukito: Sakura, your face is red. Are you sure you don't have a fever?
  • Sakura: I-I'm fine!
  • Touya: For this dinner, even if she has a fever of 40 degrees Celsius she wouldn't budge, because she is...

(Sakura stomps on Touya's foot)

  • Touya: Did you see the news last night, Sakura?
  • Sakura: What?
  • Touya: The one about how a black-belt in karate got beaten up on the streets last night.
  • Yukito: I saw that one! I heard the opponent was a girl.
  • Sakura: I didn't know about that.
  • Touya: I had thought it was you, Sakura. You are a monster after all...
  • Sakura: What was that!?