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True or False
True or False
Kanji: 虚実
Katakana: トゥルー・アー・ファルス
Romaji: Kyojitsu
Resemblance: Naoko
Counterpart: The Libra
First Appearance (Manga): Chapter 58

True or False (Kanji: 虚実, Katakana:トゥルー・アー・ファルス, Romaji: Kyojitsu) is one of the Clear Cards which Sakura secured after the mysterious clearing of the Sakura Cards.


The card shows a young woman in a long robe, animal ears with crystal-embellished earrings, sitting with a book floating on her board and a large quill in hand.

The card's appearance resembles Naoko Yanagisawa due to the readings that Sakura had with her about the play of The Two Alices.


In Chapter 58, after a long time, Sakura again has a dream with the mysterious hooded character. She asks him a series of questions, related to what her true identity is. Upon awakening, Sakura sees a light in front of her, so she secures it by becoming this card. Sakura decides to find out what is true and what is false in the hooded man's story.

In Chapter 65, True or False appears along with Appear, Action and Synchronize in the world of Alice in Clockland. Then, she tells Sakura that she is the one who decides, and that regardless of her decisions, she will find the world she is looking for.

Later, she and Synchronize explain to Sakura that this world mixes someone's dreams, and when they are drawn to her wishes they become more powerful. Before disappearing, they tell Sakura that she have to discern one thing from the other, move forward, and choose.

Magical Abilities[]