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Tsukimine Shrine (月峰神社 Tsukimine Jinja) is a significant location within Cardcaptor Sakura.

Tsukimine Shrine


Tsukimine Shrine is a Shinto temple within Tomoeda, Japan. It currently belongs to the family of Kaho Mizuki, whose father is the temple's high priest. This temple was the site of several Clow Card captures: The Glow, The Maze, and The Return (in the anime).

One of Tsukimine's main features appears to be its cherry blossom tree, which possesses great spiritual energy, and in the anime was where the Return card was captured and later converted. Another main feature appears to be its "moon mirror" lake, the surface of which can supposedly project visions of the future and was where Sakura saw a vision of Eriol's silhouette before being subject to another of his strange incidents.

CCS EP27 - The tree back in time

Tsukimine is known to host at least three festivals:

  • a New Year's festival, one of which was where Sakura received a fortune enchanted by Eriol
  • a summer festival, one of which was where Sakura captured the Glow card
  • its own festival, which takes place on February 27th, and one of which was where Sakura converted the Glow and The Thunder cards.




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  • Tsukimine (月峰) means "moon peak," which could be a reference to Kaho's moon-based powers.