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Store Owner: Maki Matsumoto

Twin Bells is a location seen in the anime, located in the shopping district of Tomoeda and run by Maki Matsumoto.

Twin Bells is a toy store that sells stuffed toys and accessories, opening shortly after the release of the Clow Cards by Sakura Kinomoto, and for a time is occupied by the Jump card which caused trouble for Maki. The Shot card also hid in the store among its "Incantation Cards" toy-line.

Sakura and her friends frequently visit Twin Bells, and it is shown to be popular among students from Tomoeda Elementary School.


Twin Bells debuts in "Sakura, Panda, and the Cute Shop". Before moving to Tomoeda, Maki ran Twin Bells in another unnamed town successfully until a mysterious "curse" caused every toy she sold to appear back in the store. Maki was accused of theft, and eventually packed up and moved to Tomoeda to open Twin Bells there. Upon arriving at her new store, Maki met Sakura who became her first customer and friend in town. However, Maki's clumsiness led to the store's organization and opening being delayed until Sakura returned with her friends to lend a hand. After finishing the store, Chiharu Mihara purchases a toy panda.

The Movie - Twin Bells Store Front

Twin Bells' from the street.

However, the panda vanishes from Chiharu's house and ends up back in the store. Maki panics, fearing her curse has returned and tells Sakura and Tomoyo Daidouji of her troubles. Sakura concludes with Tomoyo and Kero that the strange goings on are the work of a Clow Card. While Tomoyo distracts Maki, Sakura and Kero search the store for the culprit and find the Jump Card who makes its dramatic escape with every toy in the store. Maki witnesses this and faints. Sakura pursues the Jump Card and eventually captures it, returning the toys to Twin Bells. The store properly opens and becomes popular, Maki recovering from what she saw and believes her curse gone.

The Twin Bells sold the Incantation Cards toy-line for a time, which resemble Clow Cards and are said to bring good luck to their owners. Meiling Li visits the store for the first time intending on buying one of the cards to win Syaoran Li's heart. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran catch her in the act and Syaoran mistakes Meiling's new card for a Clow Card. Ironically, Meiling buys the Shot Card from the store, which Sakura senses when she visits the store and helps capture it a short while later.

In the first movie, Twin Bells participates in the shopping district's competition to win a trip of Hong Kong. Sakura obtains the winning golden ball from a raffle box, thanks to magical manipulation by Madoushi, and wins the grand prize to go to Hong Kong. Twin Bells is shown to be open during the remainder of the anime.



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