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Hello, my name is DuchessDream, I am a new Bureaucrat and Admin! Naikiw recently has stepped-down/ is taking leave and has granted me bureaucrat status. If you have any questions or concerns about the wiki, articles or series, please do not hesitate to ask me or any of the other admins!

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My Focus

My main focus on this wiki (and most others) is to:

  • Keep it organized
  • Make it easy to access
  • Replace low resolution images with higher resolution images
  • Corrections in grammar and punctuation (Proof reading)
  • Accuracy

CCS or Cardcaptors?


Some may roll their eyes when I say "I like Cardcaptors!". I have never seen the original Japanese dub. I feel there is a large difference in tone between CCS and Cardcaptors. It was one of the first anime I'd seen on TV (Sailor Moon may have been the first.)

Overall, I only know about the 90's version. I have yet to read or watch the Clear Card Arc, so I don't edit anything to do with it (other than proof reading and linking). I very much enjoy the look of the 90's version.


I do own some of the original Cardcaptors merch. as well as some 90's CCS merch. as well. I have made a list and linked some of it to for further information.

My Favourite Wikis (and My Status)

Admin , Bureaucrat & Mod