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Hi, I'm Hikaru or KittyWitch99!

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I started watching CCS exactly on June 1st 2020. I watched it on Netlfix. At first, it didn't catch my eye, but then I started binge watching it. After the "first season" (it was actually half of CCS) I found out that there was a movie. I watched the first movie and I somehow knew that the the second movie was after the whole show. I wish that I watched the first movie right after episode 35 like you're supposed to. Anyways, after that I finished the series in 2 days. After, I watched the second movie. I actually watch that movie everyday so I know like literally everything that happened and I could give it to you in full detail without missing anything-

Anyways, after that I knew that there was a Sequel, so I started watching it! I finished it in a day. The next day, I grew sorta impatient and heard the Manga was still going, so I decided to read it. This explains why I make the new card pages and chapter pages. Anyways, I really liked CCS. But it didn't stop there oh no. The continuation will be on "My Favourite Ship!!"

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Favourite CCS Songs

Ki ni Naru Aitsu

Ashita e no Melody


♡Yakusoku no Sora

Yoru no Uta

Anata to Ireba

Tobira wo Akete


Catch You Catch Me


Top 3 Favourite Characters!

Syaoran's my fav!

Sakura's second!!

idk her. I love her personality and how she jumps on Touya smh

My Favourite Ship!!

1. Sakura and Syaoran

I love this ship so much! I actually knew they were going to be together because I searched it up around episode 20-25 because I was curious. I actually thought that Sakura would either end up with Yukito or nobody and Syaoran with Meiling XDD

Anyways, I honestly shipped them so much that this was the reason why I started reading the manga. I have also watched every video of them on YT and have been reading Fanfics. This is where the cntinuation part comes, I got more attached to CCS because of them. My first ever Fanfic (first S/S fanfic(I have never read fanfic so S/S made me read them))was "Roommates " by Ongaku Neko .  If you have some S/S fanfics then hit me up! I've read a lot of S/S fanfics so i might have read your suggestion-

I ship other ships too! Don't forget that~

Favourite Anime!

1. Love Live!

2. K-On!!

3. Cardcaptor Sakura

4. Kaguya Sama Love Is War

5. Precure/Pretty Cure

6. Blend S


This is the end of my wall! Hope you enjoyed it here!! If you have any questions, don't be aftraid to ask!

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