Waterproof Wing Coat Costume
Waterproof Coat Outfit
Used in Episode 12
Gentleman Penguin Outfit
Red Hearts Dress

The Waterproof Wing Coat costume is a costume worn by Sakura Kinomoto. The costume was created by Tomoyo Daidouji and was seen in the twelfth episode.

Design Description

"The battle costume that appeared in Episode 12. A waterproof coat-type battle costume that allows dynamic movement when hail started raining down during the sports tournament. The wings at the back add a cute touch."
Official description
A royal blue raincoat with an aqua-mint lining down the front, where the raincoat can be opened up by a zipper. The cuffs of the long sleeves are decorated with a lemon yellow design, and the raincoat comes with a collar with a pair of wings in front and a longer pair at the back. This raincoat was worn with Sakura's sports uniform.




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