Winged Create Costume
Winged Create Costume
Used in Episode 31
Green Dash Jester Costume
Red Winter Coat Outfit
The Winged Create Costume was worn by Sakura when capturing The Big and The Create. It was made by Tomoyo with a futuristic commander as the main concept, the outfit made with a rather elastic material.

Blue Warrior Costume Settei

Design Description

A long-sleeved blue one-piece with large shoulder padding, ending as a pair of shorts. The main body of the one-piece has its sides lined in white, the space between the white and blue bordered with gold. A large, golden chest piece in the shape of a pair of wings that has its back extending into two long grey-blue tails with a red circle matching that of the gemstone in the centre of the wings is worn with the costume, as well as the blue thigh high boots with a blue circle near the opening, the opening itself bordered with gold. Accessories include a blue headband with wings extending from the side of the end of the headband.



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