Yellow Illusion Umbrella Costume
Yellow Illusion Umbrella Costume
Used in Episode 6
Chapter 5
Pastel Illusion Bunny Costume
Silent Bat Burglar Costume

The Yellow Illusion Umbrella Costume is the second outfit that Sakura used to capture The Illusion card. This costume was made by Tomoyo, having an umbrella and a futuristic style in mind. Yellow Illusion Umbrella Costume Settei

Design Description

A yellow dress with its skirt in the shape of an umbrella, as well as having tulle beneath the skirt for volume. The dress has a white collar that extends to the chest area with yellow lining, the large futuristic shoulder pads with silver plating held to the main body with a white buckle. A pair of thigh-high stockings with a wide feather opening is worn with the ensemble, as well as a pair of white and yellow sporty boots that has wings on the side of it. Accessories include a pair of white gloves that match the stockings, as well as a yellow tele-com device.



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