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Yuuki Tachibana
Yuuki Tachibana - Anime
Series Cardcaptor Sakura
Also Known As Alex Mills (English name)
Relatives Tenkai Tachibana (father)
Unnamed mother

Unnamed pet dog

Residence Tomoeda, Japan
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
First Appearance (Manga)
Last Appearance (Manga)
First Appearance (Anime)
Episode 7: Sakura's First Attempt as a Thief?!
Last Appearance (Anime)
Episode 7: Sakura's First Attempt as a Thief?!
Taeko Kawata
Chantal Strand

Yuuki Tachibana (橘 優希 Tachibana Yūki) is a minor supporting character that appears only in Cardcaptor Sakura's anime adaptation.  


Yuuki has long brown hair that is usually tucked into her blue hat, giving the appearance of a young boy, and amber eyes.

She is also seen wearing boyish clothing, causing Sakura to initially refer to Yuuki as a boy.


Yuuki makes her first and only appearance in Episode 7: Sakura's First Attempt as a Thief?! She was first seen trying to restore a painting that was painted by her now deceased father, Tenkai Tachibana. The painting was originally of Yuuki at the beach. However, the Silent card had decided to reside within the painting, obscuring the painted Yuuki. However, before Yuuki can restore the painting, a museum guard catches her as she is holding a knife to the painting. The guard apparently didn't notice that the painting's title is "Smile" and insists that the painting is normal. As Sakura watches, The Silent card is agitated by the noise and silences everybody for a moment, causing Sakura to believe that there is a Clow Card at the museum, which is later confirmed by Kero.

Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero decide to capture the card at night when the museum is closed. While sneaking into the museum they notice a shadow and mistake it for a burglar, when it was actually Yuuki attempting to restore the painting again. The Cardcaptor and her friends try to scare the burglar away, but Yuuki stands her ground until she comes face to face with Kero.

Startled, Yuuki backs into a display and is rendered unconscious. When she comes to, she agrees to go with Sakura to restore the painting. They soon realize that even the slightest sound will activate The Silent card and send them outside again, and after numerous tries, Sakura and Tomoyo realize that a museum guard will be making his rounds soon. Yuuki tries once again to restore the painting, this time by herself, but she is caught by the guard.

Sakura uses The Shadow card to help Yuuki escape. Sakura then captures the card by having her shadow inside the museum and Sakura ordering the card to return to its original form outside. After the card has been captured, the painting is restored to its original state. The guard sees this now realizing that Yuuki was telling the truth after all and runs down the hallway in fear.

A happy Yuuki takes off her hat in celebration and reveals her long brown hair. Sakura then realizes that Yuuki-kun ("-kun" being a suffix mainly used for boys) is in fact Yuuki-chan ("-chan" being a suffix mainly used for girls).


  • Her given name Yuuki (優希) consists of "excellent," "graceful" (優) and "to hope" (希).
  • Her surname Tachibana means "orange, tangerine" (橘).
    • It should be noted that although they are pronounced similarly, Yuuki's surname is written with different characters than Rei Tachibana's surname, and thus, they have no known relation to each other.